Meditation 5 Ways to meditate in 5 minutes (special for busy people)

Meditation for busy people

You know what is the main reason why many people have not yet joined the benefits of meditation? They are too busy, they do not have time and do not find the time.

But fortunately you do not need spend too much time in meditation to start noticing its many advantages.

Are you going by public transport? You have five free minutes? Would you lie would be a great effort a few minutes later?

So you have no excuses to continue leaving meditation “for later” .

From the Silva Method we know that the benefits of meditation are amazing … So, after talk of how to meditate while walking, while traveling, while you’re at work or even while you take a shower, today we share five ways to incorporate meditation into your daily routine so that you put some peace to your hectic life.

Just about to find 5 minutes from the 1440 minutes have the day … It does not seem so difficult, right?

Silva Method and meditation: everyone agrees

What experts say, prove all studies and confirmed by doctors: meditation is full of benefits for our body and mind .

Would you like to have more peace of mind, joy, health, energy, calm, more positive relationships, greater success in all areas of your life forever ward off stress and say goodbye to worries?

So meditation is right for you .

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And it is that meditation not only prevents stress into your body but also releases the accumulated stress.

It also reduces anxiety, and acts on headaches, insomnia, ulcers and muscular and joint problems.

It also improves mood and behavior, brings mental clarity, emotional stability and improves the immune system, develops intuition and enhances creativity. Meditation: 5 ways to meditate in 5 minutes (special for busy people) 3

Basically, meditation is calm our day needs so that we can continue walking toward our goals and focused on the life we ​​want.

Do you lack reasons to meditate? If all this does not seem enough, here you share 100 reasons????

There are millions of people who are losing the many benefits of meditation for not finding few minutes a day … And interestingly, those minutes would relax the rest of your day increasing productivity and the feeling of “having more hours” a day.

It is true that for many it is difficult to meditate, and to enter the Alpha state is not often quick and easy … But that is precisely the aim of the Silva Method: Make meditation a pleasure, you want to meditate every day and thanks to it you manage to use all the potential of your mind to achieve the life you want and all your purposes.

If you want to know more about the Silva Method and what it can do for you (there are more than 6 million graduates worldwide!) You can click here, or if you prefer , you can sign up for our free mini-course ” You no borders “.

Meditation: 5 Ways to meditate on a busy day

Now that you know all that meditation can do for you … Do you still think you have no time? Is it still hard for you to find a time to meet with you? Do not you want to be happier, more joyful, more intuitive, more creative … More all?

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With these five ways to incorporate meditation into your routine, everything will be much easier:

# 1.- public transport. Whether on the bus, in the subway, on a train or on a plane right is to be in a confined space offers a great opportunity to practice meditation.

You can try to visualize, focus on your breathing and even listen to audio meditation course Silva Method (or audio Alfa centralization of the free mini-course).

# 2. Walk. During the day there are many times when we have to go from one place to another, picking up the kids, go to work or college, go to the supermarket … Or just have a break at work or we like to do some sport and Go for a walk.

Whatever your case, take advantage of those few minutes to relax your mind. Would you like to know how to walk while you walk? Learn how in our article.

# 3. On your desktop. If you have a lot of work or spend too many hours in front of your computer screen, there is a very effective solution to stay focused and relaxed: connect your headphones, close your office door if you or your room, listen to relaxing music … and take a rest!

You’re not wasting time: it is shown that if you divide your tasks into shorter periods, managed to be much more productive.

So allow yourself those little breaks and enjoy the benefits of a good meditation.

Want to know how to meditate at work? Of course, yes you can, and you have here.

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# 4. In the car. No, we do not pretend to meditate while driving your car … you should never do that under any circumstances!

What is certain is that many times we arrived a few minutes early to work, to a meeting, our appointment with the doctor or school children … And basically in those cases the car is already parked and displayed those minutes “dead” . What use them to relax and meditate?

Put your favorite music according to the time you have available, or just look out the window and let go … The point is that Calmes those thoughts from your mind instead of checking email on your smartphone or touch unnecessary keys that only increases stress .

# 5. In bed. The truth is that there are few moments in the day when we went to bed intending to relax from a long day and prepare for the next day.

Therefore, a good option is hardly takes time to meditate before bedtime. This is the perfect place to let go of the mental disorder throughout the day time.

Not only frees the mind of stress, it relaxes the body and prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

Besides all that, he thinks that practicing meditation in motion can still notice more the benefits of meditation by not being tied to a particular time or a specific place.

Which of these options you found most interesting? Are you going to implement? If you meditate often, where do you usually do? Leave a comment with your practice, your concerns, your obstacles and your advice … We love to read!