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Iyengar yoga (or Ayengar- yoga ) – is one of the styles of Hatha Yoga, which was founded by Sri BKS Iyengar. This style focuses on correct body position. A characteristic feature of the method is static asanas with the necessary supports. Another characteristic feature of the method is detailed, the detailed explanation of each posture and approach to each individual practitioner.

BKS Iyengar

Bellur Sundararadzha Iyengar Krishnamacharya   founder of the popular yoga technique, named in honor of himself. The practice of yoga from the beginning demanded of him tremendous effort and attention, since his health was poor. Years of practice have not only made his body strong and sturdy, but also gave a unique insight into the key – because of their effects were tested on their own experience. He explained and reinforced by examples of all the traditional aspects of yoga, I rediscovered and codified a number of asanas and breathing techniques, led the study of therapeutic effects of yoga.

Among the students of
Iyengar were the major politicians, military, musicians, actors and writers, well-known philosopher and thinker Jiddu Krishnamurti and Her Majesty the Queen of Belgium. His books have become bestsellers. Published in 1966 “Yoga Dipika” ( “Light on Yoga”) was recognized as the bible of yoga.

Features of Iyengar yoga

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A key aspect in the
Iyengar Yoga is the concept of body alignment in asana. The body is aligned not only on a physical level, but also gradually changes begin to occur in the more subtle and deeper levels. The system of energy channels and centers that have a direct impact on the psycho-emotional state of mind and gradually aligned and balanced. When the asana is done correctly, the distinction between mind and body, mind and soul should disappear. If by correct practice of asanas preserved cells healthy, health and physiological shell becomes, and the mind is close to the soul.

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Another important feature of the method Iyengar is the gradual development of the practice, the transition from simpler to more complex postures postures and pranayama to the extent that both the body and mind are ready to implement them.
In the initial stages of practice Iyengar recommends not perform complicated postures, because the body does not yet possess the necessary strength and stability, and the mind is not sufficiently attentive and concentrated. An invaluable role in the practice of postures game starts standing. Sri BKS Iyengar has devoted much attention to deepening and a more sophisticated implementation of standing poses, seeing them as an inexhaustible source of strengthening the body and disclosure preparation for more advanced practices.

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As I mentioned above, only to correctly perform postures give the desired result.
Give the body the correct position and save not everyone within a certain period of time. Initially, this causes a problem even in young and healthy people. An important feature of Iyengar method is to use a variety of auxiliary materials (soft rolls, wooden beams, supports, ropes, belts, blankets, chairs), which allow from the outset correctly position the body in space. Thanks to them, the body receives the support, which is absolutely necessary for the proper development and posture stability. Large selection of materials and the almost limitless possibilities of their combination allows to take into account the individual characteristics of the body structure and its degree of preparedness. Accordingly, the selected load level and provides its correct distribution.

In yoga, Iyengar special place is given to the practice for women that has been modified taking into account features of the female body and nature.
That is why the Iyengar yoga can be practiced during menstruation and pregnancy.

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Tips practicing Iyengar yoga

Iyengar Yoga is suitable for everybody, regardless of gender, age and health. This technique has a pronounced therapeutic effect. It is for this reason, Iyengar yoga is recommended to deal with all those who have health problems and poor sports and physical training.

It is not necessary to scoff at the body and come to school if you feel sick.
Respiratory infections interfere with the proper construction of asanas and pranayama, not to mention the fact that there is a risk of infecting other students.

Any problems with zdorovom, as well as pregnancy or menstruation, should notify the teacher in advance to avoid embarrassment during the occupation.
Do not hesitate to talk to the teacher during the lesson, ask questions if something is unclear or report that you became ill.
Iyengar Yoga teaches us to listen, to love and understand your body.

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