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Course of the University of Yoga “Anatomy and physiology of yoga”

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5 yoga asanas that help to fall asleep

If the day you always want to sleep, and at night you can not sleep, then you are among those who suffer from insomnia. From year to year the number of people exposed to this illness increases. Sleeping pills and sedatives medications help, but temporarily. One has only to stop using them, and sleep problem […]

Which is the best yoga exercise to boost concentration? 6

Which is the best yoga exercise to boost concentration?

How to concentrate: concentration training If we do not think about someone, do not send him our energy, then the relationship ends quickly – a subtle connection disappears. It also happens with things, home. Without attention, everything is abandoned, empty, unnecessary. And vice versa – attention gives success to business, relationships, brings joy and luck to our lives. […]

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