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How do I avoid sleeping while meditation?

How do I avoid sleeping while meditation? 5

Are you one of those who have fallen asleep while meditating? Do not worry: it is very normal, especially in the beginning. And, in addition, there is a solution.

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How do I avoid sleeping while meditation? 6


A few months ago we published a survey asking the users of Omsica what the main difficulties are when they begin to meditate . Falling asleep, with around 25% of the votes, was the second most voted only surpassed by the option of how to put the mind blank.

Does it happen to you too? Do you usually fall asleep during meditation ? Do you know anyone who falls asleep while trying to relax the mind ? If you are one of those who have difficulty staying awake, here are some tips so that sleep does not stop you from enjoying a successful meditation :

1.- Get more uncomfortable. Yes, as you read it. If when you meditate you fall asleep it may be because you are very comfortable and your body relaxes so much that you fall asleep. If you meditate lying down, it is normal to have more ease to fall asleep especially until the mind gets used, so a good advice would be to meditate sitting. If you already meditate sitting and you also fall asleep, change your position a bit to be a little more uncomfortable inside the comfort (on the edge of the chair, with crossed legs …).

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How do I avoid sleeping while meditation? 7

2.- Keep the balance. If you sit in a chair, choose one with a straight back. While sitting, do not let your back rest on the back of the chair. To achieve this, you will need to sit a few centimeters more forward, and in this way if you fall asleep your body will need to adjust to maintain balance and avoid falling asleep.

3.- Rest enough. Many of the times we fall asleep is because our mind really needs it. If you do not calculate the hours of rest well, it will be easier during the day to go more tired. You can even take a nap of about 20 minutes to re-energize the body.

4.- Choose the time well. If you meditate at night before going to bed or at noon just after having eaten something, the chances of you falling asleep are greater than if you meditate at any other time of the day. Try to meditate during the morning , because at night we are tired of all the activity of the day and it is easier to fall asleep. When you are more experienced, choose the time of the day that best suits you.

5.- Use the language. If you are in a good position, you choose a good time and you sleep the required hours but you keep falling asleep, there is a technique used in yoga that is very effective to stay awake. It consists of placing the tongue behind the upper incisor teeth, pressing the palate. Muscle activity, although the movement is minimal, prevents one from falling asleep while relaxing. When you are acquiring more practice, try to relax muscle activity until you no longer need any action to stay awake.

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6.- Listen to music. Music is another alternative to avoid falling asleep when meditating. Try placing background music at low volume to help you focus. It must be a music that helps you concentrate and relax at the same time.

7.- Focus on your breathing. Another option to avoid falling asleep is to focus on the rhythm and depth of the breaths. In this way you will not only stay alert and awake, but meditation will become a more conscious and committed practice, but also easier, more natural and more pleasant.

8.- Eat varied and exercise. Every morning do some stretching and brief exercises to have a better circulation. That will help you wake up and prepare you for meditation. And if you also follow a healthy diet you will not feel heavy or hungry, but you will be perfect to meditate without distractions.

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