How to Improve Your Mood in 20 Seconds or Less

How To Improve Your Mood in 20 Seconds or Less

Sometimes the easiest way to drop the bad attitude and attract happiness is with everyday actions. Certain actions trigger oxytocin , also known as the “love hormone” which is known to induce feelings of love, trust, and a sense of togetherness. When you feel fear or cowardice, oxytocin can change your mood, make you feel more connected and revive your energy.

There are natural ways to speed up the engine of oxytocin when you’ve lost the battle. These tips can apply the anywhere, anytime. Take a minute to a miracle and let the hormone of love guide your way.

The first tip is to place your hand over the heart. Putting your own hand on the heart, the love hormone, which sends a signal internal security to calm yourself is encouraged. Once you have put your hand on your heart, breathe with it.

As if you breathe in your heart, imagine feelings of love, compassion and relief. Collaborate proactively in your recovery process breathing in your heart. This exercise will stimulate the flow of oxytocin. Then it decreases stress and anger establishing peace.

The second tip to stimulate oxytocin is too simple, as simple as giving someone a hug for 20 seconds. Just give someone you love a little squeeze. Make sure that the embrace is reciprocated.

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It is important that the gesture ignite a sense of connection, this in turn stimulate oxytocin. Hug your partner, your best friend, or even your pet. The sweet relationship between two people can totally change your mood.

And the third tip is to brag about your white teeth smiling at someone. An authentic and sincere smile can make you connect with a complete stranger. Smile at people you know and feel free to smile at strangers. Only expresses authenticity, your grace reflected from the heart into a smile. In an instant, you feel like love rush.

Love does not come from a romantic partner or child. Love can come from any kind of authentic connection. Take time in your life to create these connections, you will realize that you are serving not only love you need it, so these spreading and filling other love lives. And that will be returned multiplied.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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