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You have Been Born with One Purpose

You Have Been Born with One Purpose

You have Been Born with One Purpose 3Every project starts with a plan, since the creation of the world until today, it all started with a plan, everything was and is based on a plan to carry out. Each element was created with a goal, a purpose. Purpose is to live for that for which you were created, is the original plan for your life, your true calling. Know and fulfill the purpose will make you happy. 

That purpose was given to you from your mother ‘s womb. Today we know that, five months pregnant, the unborn baby can hear, remember and learn. The first cellist of Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires told who once were rehearsing a very difficult for other musicians could not play musical composition, but nevertheless it was easy. When he got home he told his mother what happened, to which she replied: “No wonder, the musical theme was that I listened to when you were in my belly.” 

So first, you need to find the purpose for which you are born to from there you can establish a plan to achieve goals. Potential and purpose are the two biggest revelations that a person can achieve. Knowing you have the ability and power to achieve what you want because it was born for that purpose, although the purpose never changes, always a plan will be needed to carry it out. A plan consists of the steps I need to follow, urging me to give to reach my dream.

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Having a plan in all areas of our life is to know, is to detail is to write, it is to draw how we reach our goal. There is a necessary process time, training, a time where you have to develop a plan that will facilitate closer to your goal.

  • Want to be healthy? What is your plan?
  • Do you want to progress economically? What is your plan?
  • Do you long to have peace in your house? What is your plan?
  • Want to have better communication with your children? What is your plan?
  • You need a new job? What is your plan?

Details the steps you need to take to reach the goal. When you have the plan you are qualified to reach it and see it done. Organize your time and write down the way you reach your dream. If my interest is to publish a best seller before you start writing will have to think of a title in development, start researching, look for a publisher, make a marketing plan and press to publicize my work.

If my interest is to build a building, I have to first find out what the land that I will buy, if it is allowed to build or not, if so know how many meters, what the council allows me to build, so you can see if the final sales price is consistent with the area in which i want to invest or if my expectations are not consistent with the space of the city … a plan to follow …

Many people are dreamers, dream but have no plans. You can say, “I dream of having a big company” and dream it is very good, but if not you elaborate a plan to acquire it , is only a desire or an illusion. You need to be a man or woman of definition. Define your dream and from there put together a plan. Brian Tracy said: “For every minute you invest planning, you save ten minutes running. He who fails to plan is planning to fail. ” 

Every day when you wake up reserves a minimum time to score three things you will do to achieve your dream. No one can do this task for you, as you are concerned only you.

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A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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