How to Stop Suffering and Losing the Fear to Be Yourself

We are always creating stories in his head, and put our lives in these fabricated stories. Things like what might happen if you were right or wrong in what you said, if your partner away from you for what you did. There are many “shoulds” that we impose during the day, and few words of love dedicated to ourselves and others.

Actually the stories are distorting us all, is what we think we know. Every trial that we succeeded with experience and start saying “This has occurred for what I did”, “this one is because they did not call me”, “I feel this way because my boss treated me badly” . Every time you start to assume that you know why something is happening, you hooked to your story. And that story that you do in your head, is the only one that makes you suffer, it is what creates suffering, it is fear. If you let the stories that really what is there not have any power over you, because what is just is.

How to Stop Suffering and lose the fear of being yourself

How to lose the fear of living and be yourself?

To begin, we must accept everything that happens to you in life, accept what you see, like your body, your mother, your sister, your father, your environment. You accept everything that happens without you interpret what is happening to you, because fear is history. Things are what they are, every experience you have. No matter what the situation is, whether a disease, whether a bankruptcy, either a break of couple, or whether something pleasurable … anything you think is causing an emotion that disturbs you, when you can accept the situation as as is (that has to do with a state but resigned to accept what is there in full), once you can accept that and automatically got there peace, peace is identified with you.

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Fear arises when you start to make stories, and stories are concerns of an apparent future. The interesting thing is that the future does not exist, never existed, the future is only a mental construct because all there is right now. Wherever you’re always going to be this time.

What is a concern? It is a future thought.

What is guilt?
One last thought.

But in reality there is neither past nor future, only now. Procures not hold the mind in the present, because it requires effort, forget about trying to be in the present with your effort. Let’s do something different and totally natural that will not require concentration or frustrations on your part, and it is the following:

Just understand that the mere fact of not try to judge your experiences, you are not interpreting, you accept them fully, then you cease to protect your system from thoughts. Once you stop protecting your computer from thoughts you have access to peace that is already within you. It’s like the innocence of a child, who knows he does not know, we think we know because we have a history and an alleged experience, and that’s the trap. So stop mulling over your head and your stories, and simply live without interpreting anything.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

Source: Nick Arandes

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