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How yoga poses control diabetes?

How yoga poses control diabetes? 3

Control diabetes with these Yoga postures

Yoga is an excellent ally to control diabetes in a very healthy way. This lifestyle promotes the total balance of your vital functions and that of your spiritual connection with the energy of the world. You have to try it!

Health and vitality

This millenary practice brings multiple benefits to health, including: improves digestion, promotes circulation, strengthens the immune system, improves the function of endocrine and neurological organs, prevents and relieves chronic diseases.

How yoga poses control diabetes? 4


Action in diabetes

The twists, stretches and tensions of yoga, provide greater blood supply to the vital organs. This, coupled with proper breathing techniques, improves the metabolic process and regulates blood glucose levels, due to the constant stimulation of the pancreas.

Another benefit of this practice is food, since it is one of the pillars of this discipline. Their diet is based solely on the consumption of vegetables and milk products, that is, yoga promotes a vegetarian diet plan, which includes cereals, vegetables, fruits and milk products. It is an excellent option for people living with diabetes, because under this diet, it is easier to control blood sugar levels.

Yoga and diabetes

For more than forty years, the application of yoga as a therapeutic treatment against diabetes began in different yoga centers in India. The therapy consisted of a daily practice of two and a half hours, nutritional control and elimination of all medication. The results were quite encouraging, so they have expanded their use for the prevention and control of this disease.

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Positions that will help you

Yoga is a very complete discipline that will help you maintain a healthy life; however, you should consult with your doctor if you can perform this discipline. Some experts advise that people living with diabetes drink a glass of milk or natural juice one hour before the practice, among other considerations. In addition, it is necessary to go to a specialized yoga center to introduce yourself to this new lifestyle.

Yoga therapy includes yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises, relaxation and visualization, chromotherapy and phytotherapy. Some of the positions indicated for this therapy are:

• Paschimottanasana – Posture of the Clamp

It means “posterior” and “extension, stretching,” that is, elongation or stretching of the posterior.


Ardha Matsyendrasana – The Twist

This is considered a magnificent posture. At the beginning of the turns, the person must imagine that he is a peacock and is unfolding his fan of beautiful feathers.


• Setubandhasana, Bridge posture

It is a very simple asana that can be practiced in bed if it can not be done on the floor.

• Mudra Yoga, Symbol of Yoga

It means “the Symbol of Yoga”. This asana is of great importance because of its spiritual value in each of the highest stages of yoga.


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