In Search of Our Inner Peace

Peace and Harmony Silva Method

A few days ago we asked our community …

If you had to ask one thing, advice or consultation on a single topic …

What would?

And a majority said … “Peace and Harmony”.

And from there I kept thinking … why this issue is so important for us?


1. If we are not alone, if we do not live in peace and harmony (with ourselves, with our actions, others) no matter how “ideal” is our reality, always we feel like a heavy burden.

2. Living in imbalance generally brings serious consequences, from disease to depression, from obesity or sadness to fights, conflicts and arguments.

3. Is that basically can not be distressed and peace at the same time, we can not be angry and harmony at a time.

The fact of living every day with peace makes us turn away from those feelings that we both sick and closer to those enjoyed both.

That’s why I invite you to do this little “test” … (fast, short to see where you stand in this respect)

TEST: How do you realize that you are not in harmony?

Mentally answer “yes”, “no” or “sometimes” to these 5 questions:

1. Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, something always seems to come between you and what you want to accomplish?

2. Do you suffer from high mood swings? Do you spend to feel hopeful, happy to sad and depressed?

3. Do you feel that all your efforts in general, are never recognized?

4. Do you suffer from anxiety, high levels of stress, tension in your neck, trouble sleeping?

5. Never do you manage to find enough time to do everything you have and you want to do?

If most of your answers were close to “no” and “sometimes” is likely to suffer from certain imbalances in your life and they bring you some result.

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Now … what to do?

The first thing to do is not ignore these symptoms, sooner or later, our internal conflicts manifest themselves outwardly (if not stated yet) generating worse
and deeper damage to your life and that of those around you.

It is best to be aware and start stepping out of there.

But … how do you do that?

Tomorrow I’ll share some easy exercises to help you rediscover your harmony, relax and calm your mind and return to your state of inner peace.

Meanwhile, I invite you to tell us …

Do you feel that harmony is something that you have not live?
Do you have an area in your life where you feel that “imbalance”?