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Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage 3

All the fairer sex dream about elastic skin, slim figure and eternally young body. How to make the dream a reality? To achieve ideal, you need to know the nuances of the human physiology. In our body is invisible system, which, along with the circulatory, respiratory and other undoubtedly important: it is the lymphatic system. She is involved in metabolism, the purification of cells in our body, is responsible for the circulation of fluid in the body. Improper operation of the lymphatic system does not only affect a person’s appearance, but also on the state of his immunity and level of activity. Lymph stagnation – it is not only the swelling and puffiness, but also fatigue, low resistance to disease, and many other symptoms. Improve the human lymphatic system can lymphatic drainage massage – simple and versatile tool.

Effect of lymph drainage massage on the body

Lymphatic drainage massage has a strong healing effect, because the main function of this massage is to derive excess intercellular fluid.
Lymphatic drainage massage reduces swelling and corrects the figure due to the establishment of metabolic processes.

The main indications for use of lymphatic drainage are:

  • swelling, bruising under the eyes;

  • decreased skin turgor;

  • cellulitis step 1-4;

  • prevention of deep vein thrombosis;

  • metabolic disorders;

  • body fat;

  • disorders of blood circulation;

  • swelling of the different parts of the body;

  • elevated blood pressure.

Lymphatic drainage massage has the following effects on the body:

  • decrease in interstitial fluid accumulation (edema);

  • restoring water balance;

  • improving tissue elasticity;

  • removal of sagging skin and cellulite;

  • removing toxins from the body;

  • decrease in body volume;

  • output metabolic products;

  • general health of the organism;

  • increase immunity.
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As a result, lymphatic drainage massage procedures purified lymph path, liquid starts to move, is cleared the extracellular space, the cells begin to breathe, improves blood circulation and metabolism.

A full course of lymphatic drainage comprises about 6-10 sessions, but the positive effect is noticeable immediately.
Already pleasant warmth is felt after the first treatment, ease the legs, Freshness, improves mood. After the second and third sessions disappear swelling begins smoothed “orange peel” skin color leveled, leaving extra weight.

A full course of lymphatic drainage of 10-12 procedures allows a large extent get rid of cellulite, relieve venous insufficiency, eliminate swelling and fading skin of any parts of the face and body, conducting the prevention of aging.

Before the procedure is necessary to drink sufficient quantities of water or unsweetened juice to facilitate maximum output accumulated toxins.

Contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

acute forms of internal organs and tissue diseases;

skin diseases;

increased propensity for thrombus formation;

chronic renal disease;


acute infectious diseases;

malignant tumor;

diseases of the lymphatic system;


Technique of lymphatic drainage massage

Performing lymphatic drainage massage requires special equipment, and slow performance.
Movement masseur carried out in accordance with the direction of lymph flow. Pressure directly to the lymph nodes is prohibited, the therapist can only accelerate the movement of lymph smooth, steady movements. Lymphatic drainage technique is comfortable and pleasant for the customer, which, coupled with its efficiency makes it indispensable. Lymphatic drainage massage can be made both for the whole body, and by regions.

For lymphatic drainage of used oils of grapefruit, lemon and rosemary.
Rosemary oil tones the skin, anti-inflammatory effect. Lemon has properties skin whitening, removes vascular drawings. Grapefruit has a large number of vitamins and affects the subcutaneous fat.

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