Silva Method: Connecting with intuition


Article written by Ana Rocha Navarro Irazu member of the Writers Program Silva Method

Intuition is the party knew that all human beings possess but we are not accustomed to consult.

If we connect us with it we would be able to make better decisions and we would not be looking for answers outside.

A person who is guided by his intuition is assured, confident, flows better in life, knows how to enjoy every moment, live without fear and worries.

Silva Method intuicion

Most people puts thought for all but there are moments in life when thinking instead of helping hinders us have been trained to use logic part in our daily lives, however I consider it essential to be aware of that voice that suddenly comes when you have to take a decision, which is spontaneous and free of all emotion better.

Listen to intuition takes practice

You need fomentarte the habit of having spaces in your daily life when you are alone with yourself.

I recommend a simple exercise, as point number one looking for a place where you do not have interruptions, sit up straight to avoid oversleeping, this position will stay tuned, now pay attention to the beat of your heart, to temperature of the place, feel your breathing and temperature it begins to crawl slowly your body from your toes to your head and if you notice any tension just relax that part, do it for 10 min.

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If you realize through this exercise we are paying more attention to the sensations.

Henceforward pay attention to your body, if something does not like it will send signals, but if you are comfortable also will let you know.

Heed these flashes suddenly arrive For example, what happened to you that do not know why but suddenly changed the route to go to work and then you realize that the avenue through which commonly pass it happened an accident? That’s intuition.