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Tantric sex: enjoyment and health

Tantric sex: enjoyment and health 1

In Indian terminology of Tantrism  is the doctrine of the dual nature of the world, which represents masculine and feminine. Tantric sex – is one of the secret tantric practices, the basic content of which is intimacy partners. Tantric sex is different from the usual sex that is not just a sexual act, and complete the process of merging with its partner, the sexual connection process. Tantric sex – this world that has nothing to do with the sex industry, with a superficial pleasure. It is a world in which the proximity provides an opportunity to tell about themselves something important and exciting part of the divine, and see the other person.

Tantric sex is only possible with a regular partner in whom you believe someone you love.
It is impossible to engage in tantric sex with a person whom you do not recognize. Partners need to be sure that the man knows how to control himself and understand the nature and depth of the female body. The woman, in turn, must have the courage and talent to take the initiative in their hands. Tantric sex is time consuming enough (2-3 hours). Therefore, familiarity with tantra is better to postpone until the day when the house except the two of you, no one will be. Ideally, of course, postpone tantric sex to leave, or at least until the end of the working week, since the inclusion of this state takes time.

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Three reasons to do tantric sex

The harmony of body and spirit . As a result of mastering the technique of tantric sex your body to find harmony with the spirit, you will know happiness, through which you will know themselves and the world in general. You will begin to feel and see that everything in the world is interconnected, everything is in love and harmony. In order to see this harmony, you must first discover it in himself.

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Sexual pleasure . If you and your partner will learn the technique of tantric sex, then you will know the unknown to you before the brink of sexual pleasure that will make you look at your sex life in new ways, opening the ones her hand, the existence of which you could not even guess.

Health . The human body can stay young for a long time, if you know how to keep it in good shape energy. If you want to combine business with pleasure, that tantric sex is the best suited to you. Mastered tantricheskogo sex techniques can achieve more attractive and sexuality.

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Terms of tantric sex

  1. During tantric sex partners should be relaxed.
    Try to relieve tension. Feel each inhalation and exhalation and imagine that your hands and the partner’s body first met.

  2. Make each other tantric massage.
    During the massage touch should be unhurried, attentive and stringy. Take from the partner side, put the palm on the back, one on the sacrum (centered therein ”
    kundalini ” unspent sexual energy), the second – between the blades. Imagine that your hands penetrate the skin of a loved one. After this light catlike movements put oil massage on the back and legs. Then slowly rub it in oil.

  3. Do not think of the finish line, but to focus on each other.
    Affection and attention will merge together. With the advent of desire may be a difference of rhythms. For men, it comes before the woman usually takes more time. Men are recommended to adapt to women’s rhythms.

  4. Tantric sex does not involve any special item, it is important naturalness and ease.
    Therefore, the most successful will be the location of the lovers on their sides, facing each other. Firstly, so long you can look into the eyes. Second, to create a particularly reverent atmosphere partners can put my hands on his chest to each other.

  5. Tantric sex classes do not involve rapid, sudden movements, because only the slowness of movement comprehension provides the length of stay in the “high” energy states.
    It is not always the final result of tantric sex can have an orgasm, because the main thing is the continuous improvement of both body and spirit.
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Engaging in tantric sex, you will cease to perceive sex as intercourse with the purely physical satisfaction of the sexual needs.
Tantric sex is able to dip you into the world of incredible pleasure, bliss, which can last indefinitely. Normal sex is not capable of as tantric, use every cell of the body due to specific vibrations.


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