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What is the best thing you have ever done to achieve inner peace?

What is the best thing you have ever done to achieve inner peace? 3

How to find peace of mind: 10 steps

Without labor in this life, nothing can be achieved.

And no one on the silver platter brings spiritual harmony.

However, there are a number of rules, following which it will be much easier to find peace of mind .

What is the best thing you have ever done to achieve inner peace? 4


  1. Resist the negative.

    Our world is imperfect and cruel!

    Hunger, war, cold, poverty, epidemics, natural disasters, dictators, maniacs – there are no end to end to these misfortunes.

    Are you in a position to change all this?

    And from the fact that you bring yourself to suicidal depression, worrying that children in Africa are starving, will you help these very children?

    Learn to filter negative information, especially where you can not change anything.

  2. Think positively.

    Despite all the setbacks and difficulties, you must learn to see the positive aspects in the details.

    “I am the most beautiful”, “I will be all right,” “I will solve this problem,” “I will be happy,” and the like should become permanent residents in your head.

  3. Go from pointless experiences to action.

    If you really take to heart all the problems of humanity, you can find peace of mind only by eliminating them.

    Laiki and outposts in Facebook, sobbing over a photo of a homeless kitten has not been of use to anyone.

    Than whining and fluttering in front of a computer or TV, better go voluntarily – the benefit of a suitable organization today is not a problem to choose.

    If you can not devote enough time to this business, then financial assistance to charitable foundations is also a good solution.

  4. Do not take more than able to carry.

    Overwork is one of the main causes of stress.

    Turning yourself into a pack donkey, hung with trunks with problems and tasks, you risk falling down dead halfway.

  5. Do not participate in unnecessary disputes.

    Do you remember the anecdote about the old man, who is interested in how he could live to be a hundred years old with full health?

    He replies: “I have never argued with anyone.”

    At the cry of the opponent: “But this is impossible!” He prepokoynenko responds: “You are absolutely right.”

    Follow his example.

    Sometimes in a dispute truth is born, but more often – harbingers of a heart attack.

  6. Do not fuss and do not be late.

    Certainly many are familiar with the situation:

  • you have an important meeting, and you could not calculate the time for the charges correctly and now panic in the apartment and are nervous that they’ve spoiled everything;
  • you held out the report until the last day, and now you are worried that even a sleepless night will not help you to be on time.
  1. Discipline, organization, schedules and lists will help to find peace of mind.
  2. Get rid of jealousy, suspicion and other destructive feelings and actions.

    Negative thoughts and emotions do not create anything. Moreover, the forces spent on anger, envious gossip, gloating, quarreling, etc., you could send on something useful.

  1. Find in your life a place for exercise.

    Sports activities are an indispensable component of the life of every happy and successful person. Without active exercises, you will only be a fat, dull loser.

  2. Live an interesting and colorful life.

    People who are constantly busy with something, plan something, do not have too much time for bad news, torment and feelings that destroy the balance of the mind.

  3. Find a way to quickly calm down in stressful situations .

    You can use existing methods (breathing exercises, count to ten, wash with cold water, listen to music, etc.) or – invent your own.

    The main thing is that you can always take yourself in hand.

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