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Which Exercise Burns More Fat And Quickly Gives Results?

Which Exercise Burns More Fat And Quickly Gives Results? 3

Yoga – a few items that will help you lose weight quickly

By reading this article you will learn that yoga, and specifically some of its positions, will help you lose extra kilos and regain a sense of lightness.

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Which Exercise Burns More Fat And Quickly Gives Results? 4


Many people want to know which positions yoga offers are the best in terms of weight loss as soon as they begin to practice this discipline. This is because the silhouette that can be achieved through skillful use of selected items is one of the main arguments that yoga attracts people to.

When the practitioner takes the position of a lotus, he does something more than just meditation and silence the mind. Yoga is primarily a physical benefit: a slimmer, more flexible, and sculpted figure, and hence a healthy body.

It should be noted that in order to start practicing yoga, you do not have to have a specific type of figure or be very slim. Practically speaking, yoga is available to everyone, all you need to do is choose the right yoga for you. Everyone can train their body to improve their health!

How can yoga allow you to get rid of excess kilograms?

As time goes by, yoga can become not just entertainment, it’s a habit. All you need to do is spend a dozen or so minutes a day, and soon your body will get used to this type of activity and start enjoying a lot of benefits. The most visible, direct advantages that yoga offers include:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Improvement of mental and emotional health
  • Elimination of stress
  • Improving mood
  • Voltage relief
  • A sense of relaxation

What does the process of losing weight look like thanks to yoga exercises? It is a very simple matter. This is done in the world simply by regularly charging muscles that occurs in certain “asanas” or simply positions.

When you practice a yoga exercise, your body sets itself in the way you specify and stays in that position for a short time (from a few seconds to a few minutes). If you maintain this position, your body stays in a very tense position all the time, in which the muscles contract or stretch, depending on the particular position of the body.

In other words, yoga offers a lot of positions that work great when you’re trying to lose weight , almost all positions are perfect in this respect. However, regularly repeating some of them can help us burn more fat.

To a greater or lesser extent, maintaining the specific position described below for some time will help us to burn fat, stimulate muscles and sculpt certain parts of the body.

Yoga training by an older woman with a trainer

Of course, yoga alone is not everything, the most will depend on the proper selection of exercises and their intensity. In this sense, yoga instructors usually gradually increase the complexity of a given item and the time of its maintenance.

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In this way, your body will have the opportunity to get used to the burdens waiting for it and develop the ability to oppose them.

Weight loss will be progressive, which should be kept in mind.

It should be noted that depending on the personal diet used, weight loss can occur almost immediately or only after a longer time of practicing. Yoga alone can not guarantee you weight loss if it is not accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Balance is the key

Can yoga really help in getting overweight? Yoga is above all a set of aerobic exercises, which at the right pace of exercise will help you get a better form. If you think about serious weight loss, it will be necessary to dedicate enough time to it, preferably under the supervision of an experienced trainer. The advantage of yoga is that after training you will not feel exhaustion, on the contrary – your energy level will increase significantly. The reason for this is that yoga introduces a balance between your mind, body and breath. Such yoga action makes it much more interesting than other methods or training regimes

Learn the difference between weight loss and centimeters

Imagine that you are getting ready for the wedding of your best friend; You start practicing the month before the event, you believe that your silhouette will be perfect. You lose a centimeter here and there, from the places you wanted and you can go to play. You feel satisfaction about it, and when the wedding ends, then those centimeters sooner or later return to their place. Those people who do not want to lose their centimeters and they want to lose weight, should design a proper training program and set goals by means of small steps. These goals must be feasible, do not expect to lose 20 kilos in a month, only 2-3. Each next achieved goal, each subsequent stage will raise your faith in yourself and consequently will facilitate the way to achieve the main goal.

Everything starts in the head

The secret to effective weight loss is a healthy, correct approach. We have a tendency to look for wonderful pills, magic potions or crazy diets. The truth is that there is no alternative – the only method for a slim figure is hard work, burning these calories in a way that will be simple for you and bringing a lot of good fun on the occasion. That’s why you have to adjust your way of thinking accordingly. Everything starts in the head. If you are still here, it means that you care a lot. It’s a good start!

Control your weight before she starts to control you

Age plays a vital role in losing weight. If you are a young person, the chances of getting a perfect figure with minimal effort are large. Unfortunately, these chances are not so big for people who are on the other side of their thirties. Once you cross this age barrier and want to lose weight, you have to devote a lot of attention to your eating habits.

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Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are the main ingredients of every meal. A well-thought-out selection of individual nutrients will help you achieve your goals. Complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will be good for breakfast, but not necessarily for dinner.
Observing your diet will also allow you to find out where the particular nutrients come from. Remember to pay attention to everything you eat. Thanks to this you will gain awareness of what you consume during the day and the next time you think about it twice before you catch your favorite cake. The more you learn about the food you eat from the label, the more you will be careful and avoid fattening things. The most important thing is to be aware of what you eat.

Remember to have fun!

It is admirable to strive for your goals and follow a diet and gradually lose weight. Motivate yourself until you achieve the intended result. Exercise try to do not only during the week, but also at the weekend. However, try to introduce some variation.

Go out with friends for a short trip outside the city. Being outside will help you be close to nature and give you the necessary break in your yoga training. It is important to stay outside because it will give you wings, give you a moment of rest and help prepare for even heavier training in the coming week. The most important thing in all of this is to burn calories. Then a slice of pizza at the end of an exhausting day will not be a sin.

Plan a trip to the beach. When was your foot last on the golden sand? Or the foamy waves hit your calves? Take advantage of this trip as best as possible – walking along the endless coast. And do not forget about yoga! Or maybe a bike? Cycling is another opportunity to practice outdoors, and spending this time with friends will quickly lose the count of kilometers traveled.

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The best yoga positions to help you lose weight

If you do not want to exercise or simply do not have time to go to yoga classes, do not worry. You can do all the exercises described below in the comfort of your home. You only need 30 minutes a day (and a little peace and space). Remember: the quality of the exercise counts, not the space around you.

The main weight-loss items that yoga can offer you are:

1. Cobra position

This is one of the most effective positions that yoga can offer you for weight loss, because it works simultaneously on many different muscles.

The position of the cobra is very easy to make. You just have to lie face down on the yoga mat and lean your hands on your shoulder. Then straighten your arms to raise the torso from the floor. Tilt your head back. And that’s all.

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A position of a cobra yoga woman exercising

You can keep your eyes open, focus on a fixed point or just close them. Breathe in a few times. It is important, however, to hold the tightest body.

2. The position of a warrior

This asana should be done in a standing position, it greatly strengthens your limbs. Slide one foot forward and place the other behind you. Lightly bend the front knee.

Transfer the entire weight of the body to your toes . Lift your hands above your head and touch both hands. Do not slouch.

3. Fish position

The position of the fish is one of the basic exercises that you get to know during your first yoga steps. It is especially helpful when we have very hunched arms (eg due to many hours spent in front of the computer) or complain of neck pain.

Yoga fish position

Lie on your back on the floor with your legs joined together and straight. Lay your palms along the sides of the body (up to the thighs). Straighten up. Now push the chest firmly upwards while arching your back. Let your head fall naturally backwards, rest your entire body weight on your hands and elbows.

Your back will be strongly bent. Stay in this position for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting position so that you do not get dizzy.

4. The position of the candle

This particular item may seem a bit more complicated, but like it does with a fish, you’ll be able to do this exercise without any problems. Thanks to this position, you will increase blood flow to the brain, strengthen your legs and you will be able to effectively work on your abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back with your legs and arms straight on the sides of your body. Lift up your legs so that they are perpendicular to the ground.

Tilt the legs as far as possible from the back (the point is that the toes of the feet touch the floor, reaching as far as the head). Stay in this position for a few seconds. Breathe deeply and slowly back to the initial position.

5. Tree position

Thanks to this asana, you will train your abdominal muscles and strengthen the balance of the whole body . Get up with your back straight. Raise your left foot and support her with your right knee. Raise your hands above your head and join your hands together. Stay in this position for a few seconds.

Yoga tree position

6. Growth position

The growing position helps to effectively improve your metabolism and strengthen your back and chest muscles . To do it, you have to lie on your stomach.

Then place your hands along the body. Grasp your feet and raise your head. Hold this position (colloquially called “trolley”) for a minute or two, then slowly return to the initial position.

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