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Yoga tour in winter: the rules of acclimatization from winter to summer

Yoga tour in winter: the rules of acclimatization from winter to summer 3

In winter, many dream bask in the sun. Yoga lovers flock to hot countries: India, Thailand, Nepal, – to immerse themselves in two or three-week yoga practice. However, we should remember that our body is programmed for the season and the winter cold temperatures are more favorable to him than the hot weather. At the same time you should not deny yourself in the planned long-awaited vacation. In this article we will discuss how to help the body to acclimate to warmer countries.

It should be remembered that fly to warmer climates in the winter you need at least three weeks.
The body adapts to the heat for at least three days, completely rebuilt on a new climate for 7-9 days. Therefore, if you arrive in India for a week, you really start to relax only when you will have to return home. When a two-week vacation, you will have at least 6-7 days without acclimatization.

acclimatization rules

If you are flying from winter to summer, when the climate change we must remember that acclimatization – it is not simply a process by which the body adjusts itself to the new conditions for him.
He needs help in this by observing the following rules.

  1. Drink more water.
    Flight from winter to summer, you definitely start to sweat harder, lose a lot of fluid that needs to be replenished, to feel comfortable. Drink 30 ml of pure water per 1 kg of body weight, at the equatorial climates – 40 ml per 1 kg.

  2. Do not overeat and do not drink alcohol.
    All this additional burden to the body, which is already experiencing stress. It would seem that alcohol is well relaxes, but it prevents your body to “concentrate” on acclimatization.

  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
    From fat, smoked meat and food is almost better to refuse – it is difficult to digest.

  4. Eat salty.
    doctors usually give us the exact opposite advice. However, sweat, we lose not only water but also salt – sodium, which is involved in the water-salt metabolism. If the liquid shortage we feel thirsty, salt shortage is not felt. But because of it, we can do more tired, suffer from weakness, outages heart. To avoid this, in hot countries it is desirable to have every day for breakfast a bit salty, such as cheese.

  5. Do not try on the first day to try as many local dishes and products.
    Your enzyme system they are unfamiliar, and therefore they will not be easy to digest. Nutritionists recommend entering them one day.

  6. Try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, to stay cool and comfortable shoes without heels, so that his feet it does not get tired and do not swell.

  7. Do not try to tan subsidiaries.
    Stale in the sun is dangerous in principle, and even more so in the event that your body has long lost the habit of such executions.
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By following these simple rules, you will not suffer from climate change and will be able to without consequences for the health of practicing yoga, beginning with the 3 day trip.

Upon returning home,

In order not to spoil the impression of the rest, we must act correctly and return home when changing from a warm climate to a cold.
Then, ideally, too, need time. If possible, go to work the next day after the flight, and after 3-4 days. This will give you a little time to adapt after climate change. Catch a cold or the flu after the holidays is especially easy. Therefore, the hot water drink with lemon. Due to vitamin C, organic acids and caustic elements included in its composition, it strengthens the immune system and mobilizes the forces of the body to fight infections.


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