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The influence of yoga on the circulatory system of man

Well-known fact in the body of the replacement vessel to others as needed.
This is reflected in the doctrine of collaterals. It concludes that the circulatory system of the human body has a large pool, the so-called vascular “safety margin.”


These sidings and portions of the circulatory system are the potential, “collapsed” state, but if necessary can in a fairly short time from several days to several hours to move into an active phase and develop to sizes, providing the necessary blood flow.
sosudyzameniteli collaterals carry blood in a roundabout way to where she, for whatever reasons, are not able to come right. The second component of this vascular network backup – anastomoses, secondary vessels, vessels linking the core network. And anastomoses and collaterals are damper, whose task is to mitigate and extinguish the peak of the situation with blood circulation.

Collateral network is, in any part of the body volume, including the heart muscle.
Here, this replacement network protects life not only for clogging and loss of major vessels (eg, blood clot), but also the narrowing of the lumen of atherosclerosis. In chronic diseases of the coronary collateral network to the heart muscle is highly developed. Collaterals “included” faster than is the process of atherosclerosis, precisely because the latter may be a long time asymptomatic. Man is alive and well enough, living with hidden atherosclerosis. But only up to the moment of kakogoto! To full load. Coronagraph on the defects of the heart vessels are visible, and no collaterals.

Vascular reserve of the body is of great functional capacity, but in most cases it is not used.
Not enough time to “on”. All processes of the body inertia. Provision is, but it is conserved, it can not be used quickly. so did the economical nature unnecessarily – collaterals “freeze.” Studies have shown that well-developed network of collateral and is always ready for instant perception of congestion at those who live in the highlands (1000 to 2000 m above sea level), is engaged in heavy physical labor or sports.

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What happens in the yoga asanas with the circulatory system?
The limit positions at a sufficiently long exposure and a high degree of flexibility are pressed partly or entirely large vessels, certain muscular tissue volumes or grits, twist, which restricts the blood flow in the art. For example, in “pashchimottanasane” when a person folded in half, the effect is that in the long practice, in many cases it is possible to eliminate occlusive disease. “Laminating” the body through a long series of asanas, we consistently break the existing patterns of circulation than intensify, “including” collaterals. A similar impact is on the lymphatic system. Local volume of blood stagnation as if we are moving throughout the body, creating an impact on the chemoreceptors, as if the body work, moving with a large communal tensions, which asanas are actually not. In areas of the body they recycled collateral network “mobilized” and is always ready for instant action. It is interesting that hatha yoga can be found always on the bright color, that characterizes the full circulation.

based on the book Boyko VS
Yoga . Hidden aspects of practice

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