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Yoga: What are some good stretches for eyeball muscles?

Yoga: What are some good stretches for eyeball muscles? 3

Yoga exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eye

Yoga exercises help strengthen the eye muscles and promote relaxation. The techniques of breathing, meditation and yoga asanas practiced in all are very beneficial to keep eyes healthy and can also help to get rid of glasses, naturally, when practiced regularly.

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Yoga: What are some good stretches for eyeball muscles? 4


These simple exercises can help reduce eye strain and improve eyesight naturally.

  • Palming is a technique that is very commonly used in yoga to calm the eyes and improve vision. This exercise is also beneficial to calm the nervous system and recover daily tension. Palming can be performed by rubbing the palms of the hands to generate heat and the placement of the palms heated gently over the eyes.


  • It is important to make sure that the palms are cupped over the eyes and no direct pressure is applied to the eyes. The heat that emanates from the palms of the hands to the eyes helps relieve stress and tension in the muscles of the eye.
  • Trataka or yoga exercises practiced in gazing are especially beneficial for people who want to get rid of their glasses, as well as those who suffer from eye diseases. This exercise not only helps improve vision, but also improves concentration and calms the mind. Trataka can be practiced while sitting in a comfortable position with the spine erect and looking at any object, such as an image or a candle directly in front of you. It is vital to contemplate the object without blinking until the eyes become watery. It is important to breathe deeply and avoid excessive visual fatigue when doing this exercise.
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  • After this exercise an individual may try to concentrate on the tip of his / her nose so that the eyes squint. This is an excellent exercise to improve eyesight naturally and should be practiced regularly.

These simple yoga exercises are best practiced in the morning and at night to improve eyesight.

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