10 ways to reduce stress

10 ways to reduce stress 3

reduce stress

Stress is a normal feeling. In fact, we can say that this is a natural process of our body, through which we seek to adapt to the environment.

The problem arises when stress is severe or prolonged over time, which is very harmful.

Stress is one of the main reasons why they visit the doctor, which is not surprising, given the lifestyle that each person carries today, where we live subjected to many pressures and rarely found time to stop.

Although stress is a natural condition, there are some methods that can help you feel healthier, happier and have it under control.

Here we share with you 10 ways that you can reduce stress and improve your life. Take note!

 1.  Learn to manage your time effectively.

When we mismanage our time is easy to accommodate stress.

Late for your business meeting, not make room to check your inbox, or leave to the last minute to study for an exam, are situations that can cause us a lot of anxiety and lack of control.

Therefore, learn to effectively organize your time and see how the fact of doing so will help you be less stressed.

 2.  Do not be so hard on yourself.

While it is true, it is good to always seek to give one’s best when it falls into a sickly perfectionism which do not give room to make mistakes, you become more tense and anxious person, and you can hardly achieve enjoy their achievements.

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Leave behind the mistaken belief that you must achieve perfection in everything you do.

 3.  Practice meditation.

Did you know that according to a study by the University of Maharishi, those who meditated daily for 4 months decreased about 20% from their levels of cortisol, a major stress hormones involved in?

Meditation is certainly an excellent strategy that will help you fight stress. If you want to learn to meditate, we want to give 8 lessons FREE with which you can do, just enter HERE.

4. Get enough sleep.

A study by the Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Germany detected that pilots who slept 6 or fewer hours had higher cortisol levels for 2 days.

So you should try to sleep 8 hours, and in which case do not have enough time, take a nap may be helpful.

 5.  Exercise.

In addition to the physical benefits that produces the good habit of exercising, also it has a positive impact on our mental health because exercise helps to reduce stress.

Whenever we exercise, our body increases the production of norepinephrine (noradrenaline), a neurotransmitter that can moderate our brain’s response to stress, and produce neurochemicals such as endorphins or serotonin, which help improve mood.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live momento.-Amit Ray

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 6. hears music.

Music is capable of generating a positive effect on our mind and body.

Yes, for moments where you feel very stressed, ideally quiet music, so you can relax your muscles and your mind, and will free the tensions of the day.

Another way you can enjoy music and enjoy its benefits, playing an instrument.

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 7.  Say goodbye to bad habits.

Alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine can increase your stress levels.

If you smoke, quit considered from now.

 8. Practice generosity.

When you practice generosity, automatically your whole being feels much better.

Participates as a volunteer in an entity where they perform social work, and where you can help others.

You will see how you feel less tense and learn to be more grateful for life.

 9.  Learn to live now.

Be thinking about the past or the future will only make you become a worried, anxious and bitter person.

Learn to enjoy the present moment, and gradually see how you feel less overwhelmed and stressed.

 10.  Eat healthy.

When we took a unhealthy lifestyle, with excesses and eating a lot of junk food, our body has less resistance to stress.

Try to have healthy habits to feed and include in your diet fruits and vegetables; and do not forget to drink water.

 We hope this article will be useful, and if you know some other technique to reduce stress we invite you to share with us in a comment.