A Great Question: How to Meditate?

A Great Question: How to Meditate? 3

Article written by Maria Paula Gutierrez Fernandez member of the Writers Program Silva Method Life

how to meditate

In the eyes of a painter, meditate can be an art. Under the approach of an engineer, meditating might resemble the foundation of a great work. As would a singer, meditate will be treated as domestic sweet melody. By a counter, it may be the act of keeping clear accounts. From the point of view of a teacher, meditation could be seen as the best school … Everyone, according to the role you are playing has its own perspective, what is clear is that under a comprehensive look, Meditate is all That and so much more!

When we are meditating, the roles of which usually appropriating everyday fade ; concerns with which we carry dissolve; prejudices cease; “bad luck” that afflicts many, disappears and eagerness that accompanies us stop, because the past and the future are diluted in the present.

How to meditate?

Here ‘s a big question that arises when we began this journey. Well, after some time investigating, learning and especially experiencing meditation in my life, I realized that the long – awaited “recipe for meditation” is a completely personal construction.

Although there are many books on the market as people in the world with the same question, it is useless to read them again and again if in our daily activities do not contemplate a few minutes if you want to sit and enjoy our own company with a big smile . It is also meditate !.

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It is a misconception many people believe that to meditate requires knowledge of highly advanced and sophisticated techniques that makes it look as complex experience. I can firmly say that meditation is a simple journey as your intention and your attitude they are.

But … How ?, easy. The first is to take the decision to want to embark on a full inner journey of consciousness, surprises, crazy, mental naked, deprogramming and reprogramming, encounters himself, questions without answers instant, breaking paradigms, unique experiences, alignment with our mission of life , detachments of the ego, knowledge of humility and compassion … and above all, a journey full of unconditional love, pure joy and happiness.

Remember that even a thought is energy and energy is power, so once the decision is made, you are allowing the Universe to act in you and now that’s magic.

How to Meditate? “Practice makes a master”

Decision without action is only illusion.

The brain registers through repetition, for this reason it is pertinent to emphasize practice as a great and loyal friend in this wonderful journey. Yes, it takes practice and perseverance to create the habit.

Similarly, plasma your intention. Remember that as your intention, is the manifestation. Hence the importance of planting positive, creative, happy and full intentions of love, thinking of all as a unit. So I ask you,

What is your intention ?.

If you still have no room in your schedule for the activity “meditate” , just for today, I challenge you to live consciously one of your many activities and appreciate the simple things that gives us life while you’re on your way home, to meet a friend or jogging in the park, the end of the day so you will also be meditating.

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