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Detox on yoga for 7 days: just reduce the poisons

Detox on yoga for 7 days: just reduce the poisons 5

hatha yoga
– this is the direction of self-development, in which we are primarily engaged in the dense physical body: cleanse it, renew, nourish, firm … Perhaps not in vain, “zero” stage of the eightfold yoga is sometimes referred to as the so-called Shatkarmas – yogic cleansing. (We disclose this theme in a series of special materials on our website.) But Shatkarmas have one small flaw: each of them separately does not give a full, complex purification of the body, and is able to create an individual program is usually only a master or doctor Ayurvedic. Therefore, yoga – and not “yoga”! – India traditionally use a comprehensive cleansing of the body, which is called Panchakarma – “five cleansing actions.” In fact, this program may include up to fifty different types of procedures, conventionally divided into five types. However, this program is not cheap, even in India, and we have – in Moscow and other cities of Russia – actually it is simply not carried out in the proper amount. What’s the alternative? Starvation! – some would say. However, in line with the Hatha Yoga Fasting is not recommended; in the classic treatise “Yoga Sutras”Patanjali – one of the founders of yoga as we know it in our era – says directly: Yoga is not starving, this is undesirable. And it is under a number of reasons. How can get out of the situation?

There are several cleaning programs, which act on the body is more gentle than the “direct” fasting, and do not interfere with the practice of yoga.
One of them – 7-day detox to herbal teas.

The idea is that during the week there is as little as possible, but not “stop” full stomach while washing away all inside a special decoction of herbs – so that natural processes to “digest” all that has accumulated inside unwanted.
This process is associated with the release of toxins in the blood – and the blood rushes to your head, and a headache, dizziness, nausea. These feelings are familiar to anyone who went hungry at least a day. So, under this program, to suffer such feelings do not need to, you can eat fruit (better market natural!). If really bad, you have to eat steamed or raw vegetables. Under any pretext you can not eat bread (any!), Sugar (also any!), Potatoes, eat dairy (and with them, and milk) products.

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Detox on yoga for 7 days: just reduce the poisons 6

Needless to say, as alcohol consumption is excluded in this week, coffee and strong tea, and other beverages.
You need to drink only hot (or warm) infusion of herbs. The pharmacy must buy herbs: mint, oregano, lemon balm, thyme, coltsfoot, yarrow, Agrimony, horsetail, motherwort, valerian root, you can also add rose hips, nettle, St. John’s wort. Purchased raw materials (by the way, suddenly “popular” prices for these natural ingredients you will be pleasantly surprised!), It is necessary to mix them, taking 1-2 tablespoons of each box, and grind in a blender as finely as possible, to the nines.

To prepare
a decoction and taken 2 tablespoons mixture into 1 liter of boiling water, grass insist 1 hour and then in a thermos drink, preferably a glass every hour during wakefulness (naturally, to wake up every hour during the night should not receiving broth!). Drink in small sips, slowly, with pleasure (the taste of the broth is very fragrant, magical, fairy-tale). The more you can drink this mixture, the better – at least 3 liters per day. Drink the broth should be slightly warm or hot (but not scalding, and cooled down). If you drink a mixture of hard, tasteless – can be added to 1 liter of 1 \ 4 lemon and 2 teaspoons of honey.

To help cleanse the body, it is possible as
an extra to do even this practice: at 6:30 pm it is necessary to drink a glass of our tincture, an hour later (at 7:30), another glass, and then – after 30 minutes (at 8pm) to take 2-3 glass magnesium sulfate (sold in pharmacies). Magnesia bitter, so you can wash it down a little later in our tincture – 1-2 cups of our “delicious grass” … In the morning you will want to use the toilet! After going to the toilet (which, frankly, can bring many surprises) solid still make enema: 2 liters of water temperature of 38 degrees, with two teaspoons of salt and 1 part soda spoon.. Such well-done 3 enemas per week (for a total for the program detox enema obtained 6 liters). Enema advantageously introduced via mugs Esmarch because syringe 2 liters administered troublesome. After completing the program continue enema should not be, otherwise the body will get used.

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On the eighth day detox at 10 am, drink a glass of grapefruit juice (preferably freshly squeezed, will not regret). The dinner is already possible to eat vegetables – raw or steamed vegetables. Bread, sugar, potatoes and dairy products – abstain, but fruits and vegetables, fresh juices are not much restricted. But especially gorge is also not necessary.

Next week we eat in
power saving mode , for example:

1. Morning: sweet dried fruit (soaked for an hour or for the night – it turns compote plus dessert!), Cottage cheese, sour cream in a ratio of 1: 1 with honey cream, fermented baked milk with honey and fruit.
Instead of sugar, use natural honey. From porridge is better to leave only buckwheat as the easiest.

Sandwich – a heavy meal, it is better not to smear butter on bread.
You can make smoothies for breakfast: a ripe banana + Green + almonds (pre-soaked), water to the desired consistency. After breakfast – a break at least 2 hours before the meal, not a snack.

2. For 30 minutes before lunch need to drink warm water.
For lunch, you can eat what you want, such as salad, vegetables (stewed or raw), then legumes (preferably ground into a paste), rice or wheat at the end of the soup, if left to “place”. Do not drink water during lunch. At the end if the “soul asks,” can be a little pampered Kozinaki. During the day, good to drink “syroedny” compote of dried fruits: the eve of the warm water of the bay in the evening. Or brew rose, thyme, currant leaves, pour raspberry. Tea, coffee do not drink! Maximum advisable to drink water before lunch, as buds are active during those hours. One hour after lunch again can drink water. Again a break from eating at least 2 hours.

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3. For dinner, it is necessary to 18 hours, or if it’s hard or not coordinated with work and sleep, you can have dinner from 18 to 20 hours, not later.
For dinner, a good buckwheat, steamed vegetables, fruit or soaked dried fruit. Nothing severe at night you can not accept. After an hour and a half after dinner, you can drink a little bit of natural milk in 22 hours. The milk with spices.

If you enjoy this mode “light” diet, can to a certain extent stick to it, and after leaving the detox – in fact the secret of yoga, perhaps, not to once cleansed – and to finding a cleanliness, no longer pollute – neither body nor mind!

Thank you Eugene Cherepanov OG of Ayurvedic center Torsunova “Amrita” for the information provided.

Author: Alex Sokolowski

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