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Is there any yoga exercise for the eyes?

Is there any yoga exercise for the eyes? 3

Yoga for the eyes

The most important thing in performing exercises is maximum relaxation and at the same time concentration.

In yoga there is a special set of exercises for the eyes, which is called “Netra-vyayyam.” It has exercises to relieve eye fatigue, and there are those that will even help restore vision.

Provided, of course, that you will do them constantly, and also monitor your diet and your health. Yoga instructors recommend doing these exercises twice a day. But the more often and longer you do, the better for your eyesight.

The most important thing in performing exercises is maximum relaxation and at the same time concentration. The basis is the principle of mental vision (in fact, “imaginary”). Doing these exercises, you will not only help your eyes, but you will find peace.

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To relieve fatigue

These simple exercises can be done in the office, when you feel that your eyes are tired:

+ Maximally straighten your back, direct your eyes to a point distant from you. Lock for a minute.

+ Pull out your hand with your fingers straight and focus for a moment on one of them.

+ Now look at the tip of the nose and hold it for another minute.

Repeat the exercise several times. Try to keep your back straight and your breathing slow and steady. Give these exercises at least 5-10 minutes a day.

For a relaxing evening

1. Attraction of energy

The first exercise is for complete relaxation. If you learn to do it, calmness will become your companion.

Sit down or lie down – how convenient. Close your eyes and imagine how every muscle in your body begins to relax. Imagine yourself in your favorite landscape – on the waterfall, the sea, in the jungle, mountains. The main thing is that your whole body is pierced by rays of energy – the light of stars or the sun, blue rays from the sky or green through the foliage. Energy should gently fill and relax the whole body. Yogis believe that such an exercise increases the effectiveness of all procedures. A contemplation, even if imagined, of beautiful natural landscapes improves vision.

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2. Keeping the eye

Take a comfortable pose, you can lotus, if you can. Maximize your back, stretch your crown up. Take a breath and look up – between the eyebrows. Breathe slowly and deeply, you can just hold your breath for breath and after inhaling. Try not to blink until your eyes get tired. If they start to water, rest. Give your eyes a minute to relax, and go on to the next exercise.

3. Turns to the sides

Sitting in any comfortable position or standing, without moving your head, slowly and evenly breathing, look at your right shoulder, fix there look for a minute. Then look at the left shoulder and also look at it for a minute. With time, you can increase the time to three minutes. But try so that the eyes do not get tired.

4. Rotation of the eyes

Also in a comfortable position, with a straight back and an upward neck, gently and evenly taking a breath, point the eye up. On exhalation – look down. On inhalation, look at the right arc from the bottom up, on the exhalation along the left arc – from the top down. Make the rotation of the eyes to the right three times. Slightly relax, then repeat the exercise with the rotation to the left.

Is there any yoga exercise for the eyes? 4

The muscles of the face and the whole body should be as relaxed as possible.

5. Memorizing the subject

This exercise is for concentration. Place at a distance of about 40 cm from yourself any object. Look, do not blink, how long will stand. Close your eyes and imagine it in every detail. After 3-5 minutes, open your eyes and look at the object, compare it with the way that you imagined. Remember the small details that could not be reproduced. Close your eyes again.

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This exercise not only trains the eyesight, but also memory, improves concentration.

Massage and lavage

Blefarosylon gently cleans the skin of the eyelids, providing antibacterial and anti-edematous action.

Yogis believe that in order to maintain a good vision, once a day, putting your face in a basin of cold water, wash your eyes, looking into the water and rotating the eyeballs from side to side. If you do not trust the purity of water, you can simply put a cold compress on your eyelids. It removes swelling, strengthens the capillaries.

And it’s even better to use blepharolosone for cleansing . It gently cleanses the skin of the eyelids, providing antibacterial and anti-edematous action. The most pleasant thing that also improves the elasticity of the skin. It is very useful to make a warm compress with blepharoscopy: it will relieve inflammation from the eyes, relieve you of dryness and fatigue. Especially such compresses are useful for those who wear lenses.

You can also massage the eyelids easily, performing simple manipulations – closing your eyes, stroking the upper eyelids, lightly pressing on them, rubbing them with palms, kneading them slightly. You can simultaneously massage both eyes with your index and middle fingers – on the lower edge of the eye the movement goes to the nose, on the upper one – over the eyebrows. You can repeat 10 – 15 times.

If the massage is done with the help of Blepharogel 1 , then you do not just do mechanical manipulations, but moisten, soften the eyelids, smooth out fine wrinkles and get rid of dry eye syndrome. All due to the fact that the composition of the gel includes hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract – they are responsible for the softening, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties of the gel.

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