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Sometimes when a break vacuum or negative emotion felt by the absence of that person comes in a loving relationship, somehow you feel the need to mitigate the pain. Some resort to liquor, others rely on friends, others become slaves to their work (to distract her pain) and others for example, looking busily getting a new partner because in his heart of hearts experience in a way a great inability to be alone whether during a short stage of their lives. To this must be added the levels of dependence that sometimes occur especially when relational dynamics was learned from previous cycles was the attachment, assuming an attitude of submission, as well as insecurity (ie, feeling incomplete and think that the other person is who is going to complete).

Usually these people have very low frustration tolerance and it costs them a new life in which permission first be taken to heal old wounds that have had previous relationships then yes, if necessary, re-establish a link and a sentimental commitment to another being. Of course, if your relationship did not work or this you were unhappy much of the time, you have the right to remake your life and in fact it is something that can comfort you enough because most of the time when you learn to look inside and grow spiritually find that behind every drop comes something better, that behind the breakdown of a relationship that bit you agreed, you can find that will help your days be filled with a new color. But if you do not give the time needed to finish heal the situations lived with your former partner, they can still appear in your current relationship with other nuances, but with the same fundamental problem whether dealing with conflictive situations related for example to the theme of jealousy or cohabitation or timeshare, attitudes, etc.

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It is convenient to elapse at least some time to go from one relationship to another. How long? That is relative, each case is different, therefore there is no rule. This will depend on your feeling and how much you contact deep in your being so you know listen to what you experience from there. You need to be sincere enough with yourself to answer the questions: Do I really I feel in these clever moments (a) to begin a new relationship ?, I have confidence that I can see my new partner as she is without pretend that my former partner look like ?, I can offer love quality and genuinely (not out of spite or pride nor show my ex – partner who I am “strong” because I could get me someone to “replace” ? in other words: do I do what I do for love, freedom and from my state of peace or from my fear, my ego and my confusion?

It is also important to see the breakdown of your relationship as a growth opportunity of learning becoming aware that you may have left both situations have liked, and which may have upset you. Please note that this is a valuable opportunity because you can check what personal aspects can improve (if you want and if you decide so) to let you out the best version of your own being. Similarly, this can help you clarify what you really want in a relationship, to clarify your priorities and scale of values that allows you to make better choices now on, in line with your wishes. Perhaps, after your breakup you begin to better focus from mind and heart in the type of person who fills your expectations to a greater extent. Certainly, there are many possibilities that you can find yourself in such a situation and healthier is that you open yourself to them with openness, flexibility and gratitude. Your awareness, self – esteem and eventually become your best allies when it comes to rebuilding or re-signify a difficult experience to move forward, overcome pain and connect again with happiness.

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Nothing good is complaining about what could have been but was not, of useless to recall again and again the misfortunes experienced in your previous relationship. Soon it serves (and even more confusion it can bring) did not finish closing a cycle with someone to start another with a new person, they do not heal the emotions involved in the process of rupture and start another relationship is like planting a plant in a land not conducive, overgrown with weeds, mud and toxic waste.

You must first prepare the soil, provide the most favorable conditions then put the seed itself you go to plant and cultivate in order to grow healthily and then bear abundant fruit.

Finally, pay attention to what you feel because you’re traveling partner impulsively by despair or fill a void that has been left in your being, you are walking on false grounds, since no one can heal you wounds shelter in your heart. Everything has a time and place relevant to manifest in your life, so, go with calm and serenity. always confident that the right person comes to you at the right time and when you are ready.

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