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The consequences of stress


Consequences of stress.


If there is one thing we all know, we know and we can talk at length, it is stress. Let Hands up who has never said anything realacionado with the theme that I propose today! … “I’m stressed”, “stress is going to kill me”, “I have to de-stress”, “I can not take much stress”. The trouble is that, most of the time, we know not how to overcome stress, although we usually know the conscuencias stress and is also a good stress, which is known as eustress, there is a villain stress that can, even lead to disease and death. It is not a joke. This is a very serious issue that straddles everyone in this crazy world we inhabit. But the fact is that a question arises: Why Zebras Do not have an ulcer?

Robert Sapolsky is the author of the book that I bring you today to BiblioMind. “Why Zebras Do not Get Ulcers ?. Stress Guide “. A book on how to overcome stress, which is stress and what are the consequences of stress. It is the guide of stress. Treat stress yet deeply enjoyable time, is what this author, an expert on the subject, carried out in Why Zebras Do not Get Ulcers ?. And it does so endorsed in a publishing house and a collection that is guaranteed success, as is Alianza Editorial.

“It’s two in the morning and you’re in bed. You have something tremendously important to do the next day a decisive meeting, a conference, an examination. You have to rest well, but still awake “

Is there anyone who does not feel identified with this paragraph ?. The author speaks throughout the book in an entertaining way, but with a great deal of depth and with scientific data. It is a true manual of what is stress and the consequences of the disease of our era.

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From the beginning we clarified the concept and what happens to us physiologically speaking, with high levels of stress in our body. Runs the volume to focus on the relationship between different diseases and levels of stress we suffer, emphasizing the clear link between this disease and depression. The conclusion is clear is that the aging period can be influenced by stress we experienced throughout life. They are, after all, the consequences of stress

The final part of this interesting book that I recommend reading in quiet and often with notebook and pen in hand, is dedicated to give us a few good ideas to work on the disappearance stress.

And, as Sapolsky says “Stress wreaks havoc on the metabolism, raises blood pressure, destroys white blood cells, produce flatus, ruins sex life and, last but not least, probably damage the brain” , finally offering good start “Why not throw in the towel right now ?.

Whether you want to suffer the consequences of stress, that’s exactly what I also want to recommend reading this book. During a time in my life I also, unfortunately, I was a true “professional” stress … until I said ‘enough !!. And my life changed forever. I’m sure you will too. !! Do it for life.


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