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Tips for beginners practicing asanas

Tips for beginners practicing asanas 3

The ideal time for the practice of yoga – this early morning. However, for beginners morning – not the best time, because at this time of the day is still inactive muscles. Beginners are recommended to start practice in the afternoon or in the evening, when the muscles are more stretched. Over time, when the muscles are freed from the constant tension, you can switch to the morning hours.

Since the morning the mind and body feel renewed and relaxed, it is recommended for more advanced asanas, as well as those asanas that help to cheer up and energize (

, Utkanasana, Vrikshasana). In the evening hours to perform better Salamba Sarvangasanu, Halasanu, Setu Bandha Sarvangasanu because These asanas relieve fatigue, help to buy peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

Preferably on an empty stomach to engage in asanas.
However, a glass of tea, coffee or milk will not hurt before classes. After a light meal, you should wait at least an hour, and after a full meal – three or four hours before you start the course. After asanas can afford ease of drinking, but before the adoption of solid food should be at least an hour, so as not to disturb the digestion process.

Despite the warnings of food intake, there are some asanas that can be performed after a meal if desired.
They do not harm digestion, but on the contrary, can help:
Siddhasana , Virasana , Padmasana , Supta Virasana , Baddha Konasana , Supta Baddha Konasana and Matsiasana . These asanas relieve the feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating.

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Practicing yoga is best to stick to a moderate, balanced diet.
In Ayurveda, it is believed that the stomach should be filled with two parts of solid food and one part water and one fourth of the stomach should remain free to air movement. Food, unfavorable for the digestive system, should be avoided. Too oily, dry and acidic foods are not good for digestion. Balanced light, varied and well-cooked food is ideal for health.

When choosing a place for yoga you have to remember that it must be well ventilated, and under the feet of the surface must be flat.
Yoga mat should be neither too thick nor too thin. The hardness of the floor should not cause discomfort to the head or body.

Novice is not recommended to use a mirror, as it should internally aware of what he is doing.
View your reflection in the mirror causes confusion, especially when the inverted postures. By acquiring a skill you can use a mirror to observe the delicate movements. Make sure the mirror is attached to the wall properly, perpendicular and without tilting, so as to be in relation to it in parallel.

Clothing, in which practicing yoga should not interfere with the movement of the body.
Therefore it is recommended to wear loose jacket and stretchy pants. The body should feel free in his movements.

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