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What is the best yoga exercise for excess weight loss?

What is the best yoga exercise for excess weight loss? 1

Yoga Exercises to lose fat in the back

Most people want to remove the fat from specific parts of their body and we know what exercises to do to do it, there are special exercises to reaffirm , tone and eliminate fat, usually located in the abdomen, glutes, thighs, chest and back. You are surely one of those people who focus only on areas like the abdomen, the buttocks and the legs, forgetting that there are other important parts like the back, where it is important to lose weight. to have a sublime silhouette.

Unpleasant “bumps” in the back are often a problem when wearing a bra, a swimsuit or a very tight garment. These beads accumulate very easily fat and to eliminate them, it is necessary to be very careful and have a lot of strength of character and discipline. If you want to focus on fat loss in this area of ​​your body, today we present you the best exercises to melt back fat .

A routine to strengthen the back and burn localized fat

Position 1



You should use a yoga mat, lie on your stomach, extend your arms forward (or back) and without lifting your feet, arch your back by raising it gently before returning to the original position. Perform 2 series and 10 repetitions

Position 2

Stay in the same position, but this time place your hands on your neck, lift your torso and return to the original position. This time, perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

Position 3


Do the same exercise as before, but instead of arching your back to the back, arch it from one side to the other, as if to look left then right. Always hold the rest of your body straight.

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Position 4

Now, get on all fours. Relax your back, arch it as much as possible (like cats do) and then push it down, as if you wanted to touch the ground with your abdomen. Go up and down 5 times before you rest.


The swimming is a sport that allows you to work your back, relaxes and allows you to exercise. This exercise is ideal for losing back fat and strengthening it.

Train with weights

A good way to burn fat should always include a small workout routine with weights. The weights will allow you to work your muscle mass, while activating your metabolism to facilitate the elimination of fat, even when you are at rest. You just need to include a little workout with weights every other day. You do not need to lift excess weight, a few pounds will be enough.

Do cardio intervals


Cardiovascular exercise raises your heart rate and helps you burn calories more easily. Introduce cardio exercise intervals into your routine to help eliminate fat in this part of your body. You can do exercises like running, jumping, elliptical machines, cycling and / or jumping rope.

Do abdominals

Even though we know that the abdominals focus primarily on the fats in our belly, they also help to eliminate fat in the lower back. Exercise all the abdominals, concentrating on the obliques. You can do lateral abs and static oblique stretching exercises.

Some recommendations for optimal results

  • It is true that burning fat is a complicated task that we can only succeed with great discipline and effort. By focusing on the back, it may be necessary to reinforce our routines, since it is a difficult area. However, if you do all the exercises on a regular basis, you will get good results in a short time.
  • Remember that to successfully melt fat, it is very important to have a balanced diet, without fats, fried dishes, sausages, sugars and other. It’s a good idea to include healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, green tea, water, high-fiber foods , protein and more.
  • It is also beneficial to combine the exercises with a good back massage, pressing gently to gradually melt these unwanted bulges.
  • Finally, remember that your position is very important to have a firm back. You have to stand straight to avoid having a flaccid back, to accumulate fat and to see bumps appear.
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