Hair loss, a problem that many people are facing, regardless of their gender. Sometimes it is the water we drink, lifestyle, lack of hair care, junk food, and of course medical conditions. And we can not always find the time to go to salons, spas or hobbies for homemade hair masks .

With a request by a friend to write yoga to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth, here we are with a list of simple yoga poses that will not take up much of your precious time, but it will definitely help to fight against hair loss.

Yoga to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth

1. Surya Namaskar : Surya Namaskar is the wonder of yoga, probably solving all the problems. Just a name and Surya Namaskar solve! And the problem of hair loss is no exception. If you also suffer from premature aging of the hair, then what it is. This is a yoga sequence that is placed in such a way that the body benefits in the most surprising way. For more you can visit on previous post on Sun Salutation .

2. Sudarshan Kriya Yoga : It starts with breathing exercises, followed by animated normal breathing. Then go further with OM songs three times. Then go further meditation. Meditation will certainly reduce hair loss to a large extent. For more and better understanding please go through our previous article on Sudarshan Kriya Yoga .

What yoga exercise reduces hair fall? 4


3. uttanasana : This is definitely a no-brainer. And it does wonders for the problem of hair loss. In other words, we can say that he is lying touching toes. To do this, you must first exhale and take a deep breath. Then, slowly bend your body forward and put your hand on your ankle with your hand. Your toes should touch your knees and hold the position for a while. You can not get the perfect pose on the first beat, but do not give up and bend your body as far as you can. You can also check out a video on how to do Uttanasana

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4. Vajrasana : It is best to do immediately after a meal. Sit on a carpet. Bend your legs back so that your ankle touches your buttocks. Your feet may sting a bit ‘when you initially have it. Start doing 3-5 minutes. Then slowly increase the time by 15 minutes. If you start walking too much trouble, you may think that its benefits in the fight against hair loss and endure.

5. Sarvangasana : Also known as the shoulder stand pose, this asana helps blood flow to the brain, which will be an excellent treatment for hair loss. Lift the body slowly. You could not get the shoulder, perfect, but keep trying and you achieve excellence. And remember to drop your legs slowly and without sudden movement.

6. Adho Mukha Savasana : In this asana, we lie on our stomachs. Slowly lift your body and bring your hands and feet closer. In this way, you get to form the arched position, as shown in the figure. When you reach the arched position, hold for a while and then let go and rest for a while. This asana send gushing blood to the brain, which fights hair loss.

7. Vipritakarani : In this asana, we slowly lift your legs and keep them perpendicular to the body. We hold the position for a moment, then let go. Thus, the blood that is sent to the brain reduces hair loss to a large extent.

8. Halasana : This asana should be done and let go very slowly. You must first reach the Vipritakarani then followed by Sarvangasana and then, slowly, take both legs towards the head and hit the ground. It could be really difficult at first, but do not lose hope. Rome was not built in a day. It will take time before you master this position, but when it is done, all your efforts will bear fruit.

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pranayama to reduce hair loss

Pranayama also help reduce hair loss. It is a subclass of yoga that is mainly made up of breathing and meditation exercises and less physical exertion.


The pranayama of Kapalbhati: pranayama To do this, sit in the normal sitting posture with your legs bent and lotus. Breathing forced to throw your breath and breathe slowly. Try to do it for five minutes non-stop. Initially, it could be almost impossible to do for almost a minute. But you must shoot in five minutes as it will increase your stamina, fight against hair loss and thus get a flat stomach!

Bhastrika pranayama – Art of living

The pranayama of Bhastrika: This is forced breathing, you want SKY. You sit in a Vajrasana position and lightly clench your fists and bring them close to the shoulder. With forced breathing, inhale in you push your hand and exhale as they decompose. You can also watch How to do Bhastrika?

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

11. Anulom Vilom : This is a simple breathing technique. You are sitting in a simple pose, or lotus position. Inhale through the nose, keeping the other locked with your finger. Keep doing this for a while. Take a rest and recover. This is the simplest among the above still plays an important role in the fight against hair loss.

Yoga can give miraculous results when done properly and when it is done under the guidance of experts at first. Remember, when done properly Yoga also does not leave behind any kind of pain in the body. If you feel pain, contact a specialist as soon as possible. It would be all about us on yoga and pranayama on hair loss . Thank you for reading this.

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