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Why do yoga?

Why do yoga? 3

Studies among yoga practitioners have opened a number of reasons why the practitioners on the path of yoga. All of these reasons can be grouped into five basic. About this reason, as “improved health” is spoken by almost all yoga practitioners, but the greatest emphasis on this part of doing just the newcomers. Let’s try to more fully understand all the reasons that involve people in the world of yoga.

Reason 1: Improved health

A healthy person is given at birth, but unfortunately, the modern man forgets that the supply of health is finite, and continues to behave as if he were eternal.
In the 21st century, diseases such as atherosclerosis and cardiovascular rapidly “younger”. Increasingly early age people start treatment, and if the situation will develop in the same direction, then the treatment will start at birth and continue until death. The overwhelming majority of people build their lives so that the body is an instrument of fulfillment of desires and goals. The situation unfolding in such a way that the first half of life (conditionally) the person uses the body to achieve their goals. When the body starts to work “to fail” must take into account their interests. If a person ignores their hard, overtaking his illness, which quickly clarify understanding.

Unfortunately, modern medicine is not able to prevent the loss of health, it can cure the disease, bail out, to stifle the symptoms.
Specific knowledge of doctors are suitable only in a narrow range, when it is necessary to establish the cause and eliminate the disease. Thus, modern man begins to look for ways to help maintain health, is a preventive measure for a number of diseases.

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– is the most effective way to maintain and improve health, which was not even tested for years, but for thousands of years.

In order for the body to be healthy, it is necessary that each organ performs its function, getting adequate nutrition and timely conclusions waste.
Yoga helps eliminate muscle cramps and clamps, which, in turn, establish a process of purification and supply of all organs and tissues. Yoga improves metabolism and blood pressure levels. Yoga exercises increase the space in the joints, making them more agile, but due to the tide of blood and lymph, provide elasticity and firmness, significantly extending their service life. Yoga makes the spine more flexible and strong. Yoga restores the hormonal balance. Gentle massage during asana stimulates the endocrine glands. Due to this, in the blood it creates a set of hormones, optimal for a healthy functioning of the body.

What are the benefits of yoga?
Firstly, for yoga classes do not need any shells, rooms, fixtures. Something with which we are working in yoga – your own body, is available to everyone. Second, do not need time to travel somewhere, because Yoga is quite possible to practice at home. Third, it is engaged in yoga, not only the body but also the mind.

Reason 2: Getting rid of stress and nervous disorders

The entire western civilization is based on the effort.
But thanks to advances in technology over the last hundred years, the efforts of individuals were transferred, ousted in neuropsychological space of human existence. If earlier hormonal software completely “was worked out” burn through the human body in physical action, the achievements of civilization have brought these actions almost to zero. On the one hand, the load on the nervous system and psyche has increased many times due to the growth of the information flow, on the other hand, the body is completely ceases to participate in the “processing” of the load. Add to this advances in medicine and pharmacopoeia to destroy infections. As a result, sverhstremitelnoe the development of Western civilization has led to an increase in neuropsychiatric diseases. Neither the body nor the mind of the masses of people are not adapted to the real conditions of existence.

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Yoga, perhaps, is today one of the best means of neuro-psychiatric disorders.
Yoga rescues from depression, helps to believe “in themselves.” Yoga helps get rid of mood swings. It gives a person poise and lets you save your concentration, while remaining completely relaxed and adequate. It is scientifically proven that yoga restores sleep, blocking the chronic fatigue syndrome, and stimulates the production of serotonin.

Reason 3: The tide energy

Prana – is the life energy that is within and without man. The practice of pranayama teaches control this energy and distribute it throughout the body. From a therapeutic point of view, pranayama – a technique that cleanses the nadis and helps to balance the energy in the body. Relaxation during yoga – a natural “tool” to recharge physical and mental human component, during which the prana is almost spent. Relaxation, which may last a few minutes while shavasana, has the same effect of reducing a few hours full sleep.

Reason 4: Preservation of youth

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it prolongs youth and preserves beauty.
The many factors yoga helps to overcome the action of free radicals (one of the main factors of premature aging). In addition, yoga exercises strengthen the skin, improve its elasticity and resilience, which in turn helps to preserve youth.

Asanas increase the amount of antigens in the body, which increases the body’s ability to resist diseases.
If all the other body systems work without a glitch immunity is automatically increased as the body appears most toxins. Aging – just such a state, when the dying cells becomes greater than the newly produced. Yoga suspends death of old cells and promotes the formation of new ones. This keeps the body healthy, energetic and young.

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Reason 5: Spiritual Development

Trying to adapt to the modern understanding of human spiritual practices, many fitness centers tend to bring yoga to the format of the sport.
On the one hand, it helps popularize it, make it available for a wide range of people, but on the other – endlessly narrows and simplifies its essence. Yoga is more than just exercise. It covers a person in its entirety at the cellular, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels. Ninety percent of the people in one way or another, suffer physically, mentally or spiritually. The human body is lazy, agile mind, and the soul radiates light. The practice of yoga develops the body to the level of mind so that the mind and body and become mobile, and then forwards them to the light of the soul. Thus, yoga fills life with new and higher meaning, allowing the touch of spirituality and to find harmony on all levels of existence.

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