Yoga poses to Increase Self Confidence

A few days ago a friend of Yoga is more I wrote asking me about yoga postures to increase self confidence, and I responded with this sequence that I wanted to also share with you, for you can be very useful.

Yoga Poses: Self Confidence
Yoga Poses: Self Confidence

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In my book “A Light For You” one chapter is devoted exclusively to this subject. In the book you will find conscious habits that will help you trust you without getting caught up in outside opinions, nor domestic judgments.

“Be content simply to be yourself and cultivate your passion with excellence, give it your best without expecting anything in return.”

A light for you.

I leave you a guide with a sequence of yoga postures that will be of great utility to help you gain self confidence

Start your practice Tadasana (1) and stays of 1 to 3 minutes in this position. This is the time you can stay in any of the positions that I tell you then. Find Your Drishti, your point of attention or focus to rest his eyes, and can look within to achieve calm the mind and body. Lift up your eyes to greater confidence.

Join your hands behind your back and open your chest (2) . All postures open the chest make increase self confidence and invite you to enter a different energy in your body. Feel the stretch in your chest. Keep your mat parallel and relaxed chin.

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Then passes   Utkatasana, or chair (3) . Do not let his head drop and raise your arms straight with your back, and keep your hands and strong legs.

Then you can move to the position of Warrior I Virabhadrasana I or (4) , lifting your head and your arms, your Drishti looking at the ceiling.

The next position I invite you to do is to Warrior II and Virabhadrasana II (5) . This posture increases stamina and stimulates your power and inner strength and confidence.

Then passes Warrior Virabhadrasana III or III (6) . Remember to always listen to your body, and do more than they really can. Keep your back straight.

The next position is the triangle or Utthita Trikonasana (7) . This position opens our hearts and lifts our chest.

Passes next yoga posture that encourage you to do in this sequence: Pose goddess or Utkata Konasana (8) . The key to this approach is that everything is open. It gives us a lot of strength and balance to keep you in the position.

Finish your practice with the corpse or Savasana (9) , where you can be 5 to 10 minutes, relaxing your whole body. Besides relaxing, you can relflexionar on:

Think about what you really are. Are you your thoughts? Are you your body? Are you your emotions? When you discover this, when you identify with your true self, your soul, your consciousness or whatever you call it, then you no longer need approval, you do not expect anything from anyone, and you’ll hit a state bigger than you dreamed of fullness. Then you will discover the meaning of existence and fully will trust who you really are. You have the full assurance that enough and you’re all you need for your happiness. Perhaps 5 or 10 minutes one day you may not be enough, but you already have a base to channel your thoughts and achieve greater confidence in your inner being.

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A big hug for you, and I hope this will be useful sequences have shared with you today. And I encourage you to leave me a comment telling me how was your practice!

A hug,