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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Naklony – Triang Mukhaikapada Pashchimotanasana

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Is yoga exercise good for athletes? 1

Is yoga exercise good for athletes?

YOGA AND SPORT: WHAT BENEFITS FOR ATHLETES? That’s it, Spring is here, the birds chirping, the sun comes back (finally!) And sporting motivation that has often been lacking during this long winter is back in force.¬†Whether you are in full preparation of the Paris Marathon, on April 9, or you you hand gently on the […]

Kundalini yoga

Started by Yogi Bhajan Kundalini means “collapsed ring”, “folded in the shape of a snake. According to the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda and yogis, Kundalini energy source located at the base of the spine around the sacrum, or at the base of the trunk. Symbolically depicted as a serpent coiled three and a half turns […]

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