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How Do I Study With Focus And Concentration And Avoid Distractions And Procrastination?

How Do I Study With Focus And Concentration And Avoid Distractions And Procrastination? 5


If you take away all philosophy behind meditation, what is left over is an excellent concentration exercise that has already had its effects proven by countless experiments .

At the end of the day, what matters most in the learning process is how long you can hold your attention to what you are learning. All dispersion creates voids in learning, if the dispersion is too long the student loses the thread of the skein and can no longer understand the matter. Therefore, concentration is the most important skill to be developed by those who want to improve their learning process.

Meditation teaches the practitioner to resume his concentration as quickly as possible. The learning process always has this difficulty of the student to begin studying the subject and a few minutes later already be thinking about another subject. In order to learn one must go deeper into the subject, and deepen necessarily passes for more time of attention.

Meditation for students can, yes, be a great ally for good results.

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With regular yoga practice, the person can actually increase concentration and focus and thus broaden the width of your tube.

Yoga releases the stress of every cell in our body, leaving us peaceful. This increases our ability so we can understand more in less time and get better grades. The practice of yoga also helps us to be focused on the moment and feel calmer. As the time we are investing in is smaller, we are left with much more time for leisure.

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I always said that I had to study hard to enjoy life, but thanks to yoga, I learned how to enjoy life at the time of study! and now I am teaching hundreds of students what I discovered through yoga.

How Do I Study With Focus And Concentration And Avoid Distractions And Procrastination? 6


The benefits of yoga in concentration

The origin of yoga has been in India for more than 5,000 years, and the practice gains strength nowadays. Through the dissemination of knowledge that physical and mental well-being are directly related, the benefits of practicing yoga are increasingly sought after by people.

In addition to keeping the body healthy , active and toned, the benefits of yoga also reflect in the mental and emotional spheres of practitioners . Improved concentration, focus, relaxation, self-esteem, and emotional stability are clear responses from recurrent asanas and  breathing exercises .

In practice, the teaching of yoga has a very positive result, aiming at the integration of body and mind and focusing on the moment and the present state. The concentration stimulated by yoga exercises is a tool that deepens this integration and allows the meditative practice to complement the asanas.

Yoga exercises that stimulate concentration

In order for you to enjoy the advantages of practicing yoga , maintain discipline, performing daily exercises, in order to stimulate your body and your mind in the best way. Follow the suggestions of exercises that we have separated for you.

1. Pranayama  (breathing exercises)

Breathing in a concentrated way is what is required in this exercise. By focusing on pranayama , the mind focuses exclusively on the process of inhaling and exhaling.

There are also some possible variations in the execution of pranayama: sama vritti pranayama presupposes the use of both nostrils, while nadi shodhana requires the manual blocking of one nostril for inspiration, alternating with the locking of the other for exhalation.

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How Do I Study With Focus And Concentration And Avoid Distractions And Procrastination? 7

2. Trataka  (practice of meditation)

The movement consists of sitting with your spine upright, in front of a lit candle, focusing on chanting mantras again and again with your eyes closed. After a while concentrating on a single thought, open your eyes and stay focused on the candle flame. Exercise endorses positive vibrations that contribute to a better balance between body and mind .

3. Surya Namaskar  (greeting to the sun)

The salute aims to exercise the body and free the mind from tensions and frustrations that are blocking its focus, increasing physical endurance. It is the execution of a sequence of positions, each with its specific mantra, which celebrates the sun as a deity.

4. Dhanurasana  (Bow Position)

The movement demands the body to stay in an arched position, from the cadence of the breath. With your body lying on your stomach, bend your legs, hold your ankles with your hands, inhale and lift your chest and legs. The position demands stability over the abdomen for about 20 seconds.

5. Sarvangasana  (posture of the candle)

This asana is considered the “mother of asanas” by the amount of benefits it provides. Support your shoulders on the floor and hold your body erect, holding the spine with both hands and pointing your feet to the ceiling. Stay as long as you can in this inverted position.

It stimulates the immune system, the metabolism, the circulatory system, the kidneys and the brain. It improves sleep, mental clarity, vision, hearing and cellular rejuvenation. Indeed, to remain a few moments in this asana, daily, will be of great value for any practitioner.

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