How to meditate? A way of no return

How to meditate? A way of no return 3

Written by Dino Diguilio, member of the Writers Program Silva Method Life

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Ever since you have to think that if you start to meditate on being just 10 or 15 minutes a day could completely change your life? Maybe yes, maybe no. If your answer is yes, my question is Why did not you started? Perhaps some of these options help you.

I do not have time- 
‘It ‘s not for me- 
I look like a crazy person lying on the floor 
‘m not mine solution- 
I’m sorry I’m wasting my time  –
I do not see any change- 

Maybe you’re going or you’ve gone through any of these options, the truth is that none of them is correct. Since many people nowadays perform very deep meditations began taking some of these prejudices.

Now, we look a little each of these guidelines:

1) I have no time: I once heard a phrase saying that “If you want to do something will find the way but find an excuse” . I honestly do not think even the busiest man on the planet does not have 10 minutes a day to sit quietly and relax .

2) It is not for me: we must start from the basis that meditation was not created for Buddha, gandhi, Osho and Krishnamurti. Meditation is a technique that gives us awareness of ourselves and this helps us to live in harmony with the universe, has nothing to do with personality or quality of a human being.

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3) I look like a crazy person lying on the ground : often frightens us the idea of seeing on the ground in a meditative posture without understanding very well what we are doing and to believe that we’re going crazy. That’s a matter of understanding in which we must understand that nothing ever healthier to come into our lives, nothing more real and pure to bloom in our being. Only a matter of time until you get used to the habit and fears will disappear alone.

4) Mine has no solution: It is common to hear such phrases as one of the greatest satisfactions of being human is to be special and stand out above others by either positive or negative issues. People who often feel or think this way they feel “different” and that gives them a very big ego. What must be understood as a first step it is that all are equal, but some people have more or fewer problems than others that does not make them different in the universe. Einstein is a phrase that says: “A human being is part of the whole we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He is convinced that the same thoughts and feelings are somewhat independent of the others, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us limited to our personal desires and to affection only for those closest to us , our task is to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and all nature . “

Meditation does not solve problems alone, what is achieved is a state of heightened awareness, relaxation, concentration and other benefits in order to face and solve them much easier . When we contacted the energy of the universe that gives us the meditation, we realize that these problems we thought insurmountable and immense, were nothing more than fear itself we projected in them and in our lives.

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5) I feel like I’m wasting my time: The only time is lost when not in use. And use the time I mean to make the most. If after a long day at work you jump on the couch to watch some television to unwind for a while does not mean you’re wasting your time. But if these 7 hours per day watching television and do not do anything there if we could say that waste your time. But back to the subject of meditation, I do not think there investment of more successful this time. At first it will seem that you lose time because you do not manage to concentrate or relax properly but with practice you will see how you manage easily enter deep states. And meditation becomes something pleasurable, you will feel like meditating even if you plan to do in the evening and from evening feel those looking forward to the moment.

6) I do not see any change: There is a phrase that says: “The difficult thing becomes easy with practice” I like this phrase that sums up the practice of meditation. You can not have tried to meditate 4 times and say you do not notice any changes. One of the keys to dive into the world of meditation is to have patience. The changes came at the time, but first you have to train your brain and send information every day to get used to the new way of life that these taking and thus increasing anger better and better. And remember “The difficult thing becomes easy with practice.”

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