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Is laughter yoga of any use?

Is laughter yoga of any use? 5

What is the yoga of laughter?

Surely you have heard that laughter offers multiple health benefits, such as activating blood circulation, regulate hormonal production, improve mood and self-esteem , among others. Based on the benefits that a few laughs can offer the body, Madan Kataria created the yoga of laughter, a technique that combines pranayamas or breathing techniques with muscle relaxation exercises and a good dose of laughter therapy.

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Is laughter yoga of any use? 6


A laughter yoga class has only one goal: to laugh to develop the well-being of body and mind . To carry out his sessions, Madan Kataria connects through Skype with different groups around the world and each of them teaches its fundamental premise: the body is not able to differentiate if the laughter is true or false and, Therefore, every time we laugh, it is positive for the spirit and health.

After its invention there are many countries where laughter clubs have been formed to enjoy the psychological and physical well-being that this discipline offers. Even today, one of the schools of laughter yoga is located in New Delhi, the capital of India and the cradle of traditional yoga.

Is laughter yoga of any use? 7

Kataria has said he is convinced that the yoga of laughter is his contribution to world peace, since for him laughter is the best medicine. Is it true? The only way to find out is to sign up for a class in this discipline and hang all the prejudices around laughing on purpose to feel much better with you and with others.

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Laughter yoga, benefits of natural and artificial laughter

  • It allows to soften negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger and resentment.

  • Laughter yoga develops the social skills of people and communication with others .

  • It frees the mind of irritations and emotional blocks.

  • Among the benefits of laughter yoga highlights its power to combat anxiety and depression.

  • Seeing life in a more positive way is possible after a yoga class of laughter.

  • This therapy works on self-love and acceptance of who we are.

  • Increases the body’s defenses to strengthen the immune system.

  • Relaxes the muscles of the entire body .

  • Increases the production of wellness hormones such as serotonin.

  • Reduces stress and the production of the hormone cortisol.

  • Increase energy and combat muscle tension.

  • Improves respiratory capacity and promotes concentration in breathing.

  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases and improves blood circulation.

  • It stimulates creativity and eliminates boredom .

  • Improves mood and develops empathy.

  • Life is assumed in a more optimistic way.

Who can practice the yoga of laughter?

To practice laughter yoga you just need to feel good and, since it is a discipline that does not include physical exercise in your practice, it is not necessary to have any level of experience in the practice of yoga . Recall that the yoga of laughter borrows from traditional yoga only pranayamas.

There is only one limitation for all those who attend a laughter yoga class: it is totally forbidden to laugh at others . And this is totally positive, because it is impossible to evolve as human beings while we hurt the feelings of other people. Therefore, another of the benefits of laughter yoga is that it fosters respect towards others and towards ourselves.

A laughter yoga class can last between 40 and 60 minutes and usually begins with the breathing exercises and then singing the laughter. If you want to join the yoga of laughter, sign up for an online or face-to-face class in any of the schools in the world, and encourage yourself to laugh for no reason to cultivate benefits.

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