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Postisometric relaxation of facial muscles

There are many methods by which beautician
facial massage . Some of them focused on a facelift , while others are fighting the signs of aging, but there are those that help the proper operation of the sebaceous glands. However, there are massage, which is able to solve all these problems and many others, such as rosacea, facial swelling, dull skin color.

Pirma or postisometric muscle relaxation, is a technique which is designed to restore the natural state of facial muscles, due to a specific effect on muscular frame.
If in a simple way, the postisometric relaxation means relaxation after the isometric tension.

The essence of this method lies in the combination of short-term perspective of the work the minimum intensity and passive stretching of the muscles.
Repetition of such combinations is carried out 5-6 times. As a result, the muscle appears and disappears resistant gipotomiya initial pain, tension. If the muscles are relaxed and there is no clamp, the blood supply, which entails improving the complexion, the correct operation of the sebaceous glands. In addition, the swelling goes away, and vascular exercise helps prevent rosacea. Gradually wrinkles that are formed in places of tense facial muscles. Since the technique combines not only stretching, but also training the muscles, the massage helps to tighten facial contours.

Thus, if you want to remove wrinkles, tighten facial contours, enhance color, remove the swelling, then this massage is for you.
However, relax with a massage does not work, because you have to alternately cut the facial muscles under the guidance of cosmetologist.

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Pirma technique can be learned independently.
Basic rules for the implementation:

  1. First, you need to muscle strain, while providing hands resistance so that no wrinkles.

  2. Muscle tension should be combined with the direction of gaze.

  3. Breathing must be combined with eye movement techniques.
    It is known that inhalation increases tone preactivated muscles, and increases the relaxation exhalation pre relaxed muscle.

  4. After the voltage is relaxation with passive stretching, which is terminated at the moment of some resistance to further stretching of relaxed muscles.


Below are videos that help you learn a few tricks Pirma technology.
You can perform these exercises at home. However, prior to their implementation should visit Pirma session from an experienced professional. Home exercises will help between a professional massage.

Postisometric relaxation of the muscles of the forehead



Postisometric relaxation facial nasolabial area



Pirma can be done after you work out the muscles of a specific area, to relieve tension, as well as those who have muscle spasms and has already appeared on the forehead wrinkles and nasolabial area.
Pirma useful to do before going to bed. After it is desirable to make a nourishing mask or apply a nourishing / moisturizing cream. The mask will give a good result, because after the Pirma blood circulation is improved, wholesome ingredients are well absorbed by the mask.


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