meditation practice here and now

Meditation practice here and now

Let us make a meditation practice here and now

I propose to do today to practice meditation here and now. So simple and so challenger. Of course, if you have not ever done, you ask, to begin with, what is that to meditate and how you have to do. Well, in this practical exercise today, I’ll show you a simple way, the best way to make a meditation practice here and now. What do you need ?: Nothing, I just want to experiment and develop a new habit in your daily life that will bring you, without looking, good benefits. Come on?…

Maybe while you’re reading this text, you are at home in front of the computer screen, maybe go somewhere public transport your tablet or phone, or you are sitting somewhere quietly taking something. For the problem well, it is that your head is not where it should be; which it is none other than here and now, but will walk jumping between past ideas and ideas of the future. Stop for a moment. Become aware of your breathing. I just want you to be aware of it without modification. Now go posing your look, without judgment, about what is happening around you. Look at the everyday objects next to you, maybe people sitting in cafe, waiting or just walking. Possibly they walk fast. If you can and you’re in a place surrounded by people, watch their faces. You might realize that many are absent; automata we could say. Do not do anything else for a while to observe the life that unfolds around you, becoming aware of your breathing. What do you feel ?, how do you feel ?.

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After a while, make two or three deep breaths and return to your normal activity. It has not happened yet perhaps everything happened. It may have been your first contact with that “meditate.” So simple is to practice meditation here and now.

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