Relaxation techniques: putting one foot on the brake

Relaxation techniques: putting one foot on the brake 3

relaxation techniquesSurely you hear daily conversations about what they’re all busy, the short time available and the dizzying run today.

How does it affect us this way of life? It’s exhausting! Anxiety takes over your mind, making you feel restless and anxious.

Emotionally and physically required, you must find time to form an oasis of calm and decrease engine speed.

To achieve this goal, I recommend using relaxation techniques. The same, will allow you to return to your center and redirecting energy. They are very practical because it can be performed in the comfort of home.

    • Monitor breathing.

When a person is very anxious, breathe shallowly. You need to release that tension yawning or sighing continuously. To realize that this is happening to you, you can perform the following steps: Inhale through your nose and not your mouth, breathe deeply feeling the abdomen swells and shrinks as slowly exhale. Finally it takes a couple of deep breaths through the nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.

    • Leave blank mind.

This technique may need a little more patience and not totally away thoughts, but will allow them a certain distance. That is why it is worth trying it. Starts performing the breathing exercise, concentrate only on it. Account on your mind, every breath you make. Focus on that, trying to get to number five. If some thought crosses your mind, return the counter to zero. As you gain experience, you will gradually increase the number of exhalations.

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    • Display .

Here meditation and relaxation combined. First, find a quiet place where not suffer interruptions. Put a dim light and soft music. Lie down or sit in a relaxed manner. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing: deep and quiet. Then imagine the immense blue sky, inundate the sense of wellbeing that vision provokes you. Feel the sun rays that touch your skin warmly, listening to the distant sound of the waves, and imagine yourself there. Feel the sand beneath your body, warm and relaxing. Visualize yourself getting up there and slowly stretching all the muscles in your body, without opening his eyes. As you’re pulling, you come to be aware of the music that surrounds you and open your eyes.

    • Progressive muscle relaxation.

Is to tense and relax at will all muscles of the body. In this way, we become familiar with stress and can recognize when it is about to be installed. First lie down comfortably, then focus on your right foot, take a moment to to see how you feel. When you’re ready, I ténsalo for ten seconds and then relax it. Feel your foot is loose and limp. It remains in that relaxed state for ten seconds. Then continue with the rest of the muscles in your body up toward the head.

Now that you know the techniques, you must implement them as soon as possible! Tell us your opinion about them by leaving a comment here, we are eager to hear (and do not forget to share them!)

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