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What is your review of Isha Yoga?

What is your review of Isha Yoga? 5


The Isha Keys are the essential part. These are the complete and advanced ascension attitudes that Maharishi Sadhashiva Isham has brought to the West for more than 15 years. These KEYS work with the mind and, when practiced with closed eyes, provide a physical rest twice as effective as the rest provided by sleep. They are a direct path to the experience of higher levels of consciousness.

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What is your review of Isha Yoga? 6


They act directly on the nervous system, eliminating all the stress accumulated throughout our life. When this happens, the limitations of the mind and the marks left by mental beliefs and negativities begin to dissolve. All that generates regeneration and growth expands, generating a state of peace, harmony, love and inner joy that radiates over everything.

The keys are practiced for an hour a day with the eyes closed, and the rest of the day with the open eyes. They can be practiced in any comfortable position, anywhere, at any time.

They are new, unique, have nothing to do with breathing techniques, meditation, mind control, yoga or Reiki exercises.

They were created to stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain in a harmonic way. A part of them is based on inspiring emotions like Perception, Joy, Gratitude, Love and Compassion.

As Isha tells us, these attitudes or keys are “absolute truths of enlightenment,” and when embodied in daily life, they generate a powerful advance in the process of expanding consciousness.

By focusing on the Isha keys with eyes open during the day, the individual focuses on the present moment, permanently establishing an inner experience of love and fulfillment.

Through her own experience of expanding consciousness, Isha discovered that to increase the effectiveness of the process, it is necessary to apply other elements that are fundamental and integral to this system.

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It is important to focus on the present moment, on the consciousness, allowing the thoughts to flow, just watching them.

As the body enters this level of deep rest – which produces this brainwave consistency – each cell begins to eliminate what vibrates below that frequency and to produce healing and regeneration. At the same time, the mind will be eliminating stress through thoughts, that is, all kinds of thinking will pass through the mind, and that is part of the release that takes place in the body, so it is not important to pay attention to all thoughts that arise .

It is not important to analyze anything because we are not our thoughts, but each toxin removed brings with it images, memories, etc. It is only the renewal and healing that are being produced.

This then gives way to the elimination of the limiting memories and memories imprinted in the subconscious, generated in our life, learned or adopted by our own choice. These limitations shape the matrix of our intellect, and when they are eliminated, our creative potential begins to function in the service of what is best and unlimited.

When fear no longer limits us, we can create, decide, do, fulfill what we want, without limits.

“We can create without limits and create everything we want, our most incredible dreams can come true. Not in a million years, I would imagine being a spiritual teacher in Latin countries and here I am and my life is wonderful and perfect.” Isha


Feeling the emotions is a very important aspect. Feeling them without judging them, staying calm and innocent, without needing to plunge into drama and suffering.

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It is necessary to feel the emotions to move the natural energy that has become stagnant, thus releasing the vestiges of the past recorded by the imposed emotional repression. Feel the fear – with your message of paralysis – sadness, anger, rancor, etc., regardless of the origin of these emotions, nor analyze them, just let them flow in a healthy and safe way.

For example, if we are sad, we should allow ourselves to cry! If you are angry, scream with your face on a cushion, tie a bag of sand, a mattress or exercise intensely.

In this way, the emotions that vibrate higher, such as love, joy, peace, grow and expand and express themselves in every aspect of our lives.

“Living in a world without fears or limitations is absolutely possible.This is my life, in it I live perfection in every moment, regardless of who I am or where I am, my life is perfect exactly as it is.This is possible for all I am no different from you. ” -This is it.

What is your review of Isha Yoga? 7


It is very healthy to do at least 30 minutes a day of any physical activity. It can be a brisk walk, jogging, yoga, dancing, swimming, any sport or activity that pleases you.


Water is a very important component of our body. Adult people make up 90% of this element and their intake facilitates the elimination of toxins and stress.

Drinking water (from 1 liter and a half to 2 liters per day) is very important, because if this is not done, our body dehydrates and can not flow with the changes that are being produced by this practice.

Both the ingestion of water and physical exercises are two key aspects for the Isha System to operate in a fluid and successful way for the body.

The following aspects are for people who have attended the Isha System Seminar. These habits develop naturally with the expansion of consciousness, and as we become more committed to our growth, we begin to incorporate them regularly into our daily lives

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As we heal and the fears of the past dissolve, the masks that concealed them-and the behaviors created to defend those fears-begin to dissolve as well.

We begin to have a more conscious and real awareness of ourselves and of those around us and we begin to have clearer, more honest and sincere relations with the world.

Fear is a habit we have lived with for a long time, but as we return to the experience of our true being, it is completely and naturally disappearing from our lives.

“For vulnerability goes hand in hand with innocence, it is important to be real, to be ourselves at every moment, to complete healing – to be 100% divine – before we have to allow ourselves to be 100% human.” -Isha

Isha explains this idea in a very beautiful way in the following article: “The worm and the apple”.


In order not to abandon yourself or compromise, it is important to speak your own truth.

Lying is a protection, compromise is abandoning ourselves, and we do it because we learn that everything and that all others are important, except ourselves.

The Isha System is of impeccable effectiveness, bringing healing and happiness to our life. It brings the light of consciousness to all those parts of us that we have ignored and repressed, judging them imperfect, and so we can begin to love ourselves unconditionally.

Thus, we can also unconditionally love all people, and take the first steps in the path of true compassion.

“Compassion is the highest and purest level of unconditional love.” -Isha.

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