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Which is the best method of meditation?

Which is the best method of meditation? 1

Which method?

The 7 methods proposed:

The best practice is the one that suits you best, to find it you have to try, to test, until you find the one that will bring you the maximum of well-being with the minimum of effort , on this level we are all different and it is There is no universal solution. Among the current methods presented here allowing the regular practice of meditation , some are free of charge other and this does not presume their respective qualities, what is essential is to find a way to become independentas soon as possible, For my part I have tested many, I use many today that meet my expectations, my needs of the moment, what is certain is that there is no I do not have a day without meditation .

In the Take Action section I propose a way to start well.

meditation-family Which method?


Most of the techniques presented come from India where they have their roots, with the time of news being developed, adapting to the environment of the human being, in all cases the meditation aims to diminish the mental activity of our brain so as to communicate more with our deep being and with the universe . Rites, traditionally rigid tend to soften to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of meditation. The meditation is intimately related to the practice of yoga , or yoga , I should say because for millennia positions of yoga (asanas ), the lotus being the best known, are made to facilitate the elevation of the soul and to find bliss or bliss ( ananda ). Today one can meditate without practicing yoga , especially if the postures pose physical difficulties, a chair or an armchair do very well provided that the back is kept straight.

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 1.Guided meditation: usually on cd or mp3 just listen and let you guide, comfortably seated.

The meditations of Deepak Chopra are certainly the best of the moment, the author, doctor, is a leading character in the United States and his books and methods are very successful, they bring a lot of well-being to their users (I is part of it) and it is no wonder that tens of thousands of Internet users are present at each new release.       

2. Transcendental Meditation

The transcendental meditation with the use of mantras (words or phrases) is one of the easiest to practice, however, the apprenticeship must be in a group meditation sessions are relatively short.

3. The meditative walk

The meditative walk is a particularly interesting technique, practiced naturally in the countryside during walks in the nature, or one only pays attention to the sound of his footsteps, to his breathing, to the wind that blows, it calms the mind, soothes and brings a feeling of well-being . This simple practice to implement is particularly useful in urban areas because it can significantly reduce its level of stress.

4. 3G meditation:

using music and sounds that promote the emission of “alpha waves and theta”, this process allows to quickly calm the mental activity of the brain and to know a state of deep meditation . its author, fascinated by meditation and spirituality in general, has developed with the help of scientists a unique tool in France . I use these mp3s when I need to recover quickly after a big day or when I need to focus on creative or careful task .

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5.Mindfulness meditation (Mindfullness):

Paying attention, without judgment , just observing what is happening around us in the calm of our mind helps us to control our emotions in the sweetness, this technique is also used in addition to traditional medicine . William Rudolph , doctor has developed a method to practice meditation of mindfulness with ease.

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