Work with emotions to free yourself from suffering.

Working with emotions to be free from suffering.

Working with emotions to be free of suffering.


Emotional Rescue” Ponlop Dzogchen Rinpoche. Editorial Kairos


When I talk about working with emotions, I always point out that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness is one of the best tools I’ve found to get something that, in principle, it seems impossible and that is nothing to be free from suffering.

Because the pain does exist and is the essence of life. Losing a loved one hurts, it hurts to lose your job, a betrayal hurts … but to work with emotions, the scope of suffering is optional. We suffer because we are not taught to work with emotions and they overwhelm us.

As they say, the pain is inherent to life but suffering is optional.

And speaking of working with emotions are getting a lot in this volume of the Kairos Editorial of Dzogchen Rinpoche Ponlop . Buddhist teacher but you can read it from a non – religious perspective. His teachings are perfectly asumbibles and practical in your daily life.

This is one of those books that become a true manual to learn how to work with emotions and realize that working with the consciousness gives us access to that emotional management we need.

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The author proposes a Plan of emotional ransom in three steps is based on the practices of mindfulness or mindfulness.l

In the words of Richard Gere, this book is “a practical guide to recognize, understand, transform and use the basic energy of our emotions.”

Because learning to work with emotions will be a good way to have a healthy and balanced life. It is a job of watching all those emotions do not control, but you learn to do it on your behalf and that of those around you.

Throughout the book, Dzogchen Ponlop offers a good battery of practical exercises that can be developing as you’re updating your reading.

It is one of those basic books you must have worked in your own library and, occasionally, comes some updating reading, remembering practices and concepts that make you walk the path towards a more compassionate, creative and satisfying life.


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