Eliminate negative thoughts With Mindfulness

How to remove negative thoughts putting mindfulness

Eliminate negative thoughts, is one of the objectives often look harder when trying to find calm and serenity among both our mind produces noise throughout the day.


Eliminate those negative thoughts, it is true that it is not a matter of one day, but with practice based on mindfulness or mindfulness, mental rumination decreases a lot.


Like that little button that controls television have to stay silent when the moment of spam comes, you have to realize that we and we also bring standard sort of similar button, which serves us well to remove negative thoughts that hinder us our personal and professional development.

It is the “mute” button of silence , the shut not want to hear that mental chatter that produces dispersion and fatigue.

Button in our case, is called mindfulness or mindfulness .

Through practice, we can put in a kind of sofa observer in which, through the anchor on our breathing, we resituamos against the cascade of ideas to which we cling.

It is from this position of mere observers of what happens in our mind as we begin to eliminate negative thoughts in our heads.

Have you ever sat in complete silence for a while? . Surely, at first, younot be able to be in that position more than one or two minutes, but with perseverance and perseverance, you can go extending the quiet time to stay in the silence that precedes the “realize” that eliminate negative thoughts it is not that complicated. It’s justmatter of time.

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Our main problem with these distortionary elements of our “machine fuss” that turns our heads is that we believe them too and we tend to cling to them believing that they are us.

It looks like a tongue twister right ?. But the practice of mindfulness, you can get to see how to work to eliminate negative thoughts from your mind, takes you to a larger space of serenity and understanding that everything we see with the filter of our own perceptual lenses.

The reality is what is HERE AND NOW , but we and we will impose judgments, values, needs, desires … and we ended up trapped by ideaciones that in many cases, are easy to root for as they come pass.

If you have not yet done, I would recommend you subscribe to Plenacción (you can do it right now from this link) and make the seminar Introduction to Mindfulness that you will be getting for free and lasts one week. Watch the video 30 minute class will also give you some good ideas that work.

Practicing mindfulness, you will help eliminate negative thoughts and improve your stress and start learning to manage your time well.

When you have a good base of practice, and controls televisions, you recognize in you that a speaker button with a cross and know how to remove negative thoughts oppressing you distort reality.

I invite you never forget that the extraordinary lies in everyday things and, from silence, observe your thoughts will make you see that are like passing clouds. There will be storms, that can never be removed, but know they are passing and then the sun again.

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