Mindful eating or mindfulness art of eating Carefully

Mindful eating or consciousness of feed.

Mindful eating is simply aware of the fact eat, what you eat and how you eat. A fashion?; I really hope it all fashions are like this. Practicing mindfulness say it is fashionable. It is welcome, because all you have to do with the welfare and personal development, should be “subject” since you enter for the first time, the door of a school.


In a society of abundance, which speak of frugality is not well seen, food becomes a simple act that does not realize what you eat and how, what, why and what eat. So today I want to talk about mindful eating or better the “art of mindful eating.”

The Castilian is a rich language, so even refer to the Anglo-Saxon term of mindful eating, I think the best thing is, in this case, talking about eating consciously.

In this mode of life hiperacelerado generally takes, the primary act of feeding body and mind, usually another act of our daily lives that is not given the importance it actually has.

Starting with breathing (you have to accept and “realize” that it is your essential food) did not become aware of how to feed and tend to binge eating without a basic rule and without regard to how to treat food .

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Through mindful eating as it has been called, you can begin to have a new, more natural relationship with your diet and the foods you eat.

From all this, for example, tells Jan Chozen Bays in his book “Eat attentive. Guide to rediscover a healthy relationship with food , the reference point you have the BiblioMnd clicking on the link of the book.

As you know if you’re or follower of Plenacción (which always thank you from the heart), the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is “realize” at all times of the present moment, to see that life where running is, precisely in the here and now, and integrate their practice in your daily life, it brings many benefits. Among others, realize that the speed we print our daily actions, leads to anxiety, disease and poor relationship with what surrounds us.

Well, the application of mindfulness practices or full attention to the field of food, is what is becoming known as mindful eating or, as I prefer to call it , “the art of eating conscious”.

When I made meditation retreats, one of the things that always amazed me is to see and feel how 40 or 50 people eat in complete silence and contemplative attitude towards the process of eating. I do not put any spiritual nuance at this time, but let me give you a patina of sensory pleasure that act.

And, practice mindful eating in your daily life, you can make that diets become past, since the feed natural and balanced way, paying attention to what you do and how you do it, benefits your health both emotionally and physically.

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Aiming you start this simple process “realize” the present moment when you eat, I recommend the book by Jan Chozen Bays whose link I left above you and you make this simple practice. Yes; try it as soon as possible to eat in silence. Off phones, television, radio and what it can distract and both or only single or family, make the act of eating becomes an act of silent listening to what your mind and body tell you. Most of the time, weight problems there either. We do not listen when we eat … just we attacked the dishes.


Ingredients: a raisin or some food you like.


1. Sit quietly in front of a dish you have available in the raisin or a little (very little) food of your choice.

2. observes attentively food for a couple of minutes. Observe their color, texture, its position on the plate. Try not to make judgments. Just watch.

3. Take the food in question in hand and investigate it with the only tools that you have (your senses)

4. Start touching to feel your touch.

5. Smell it carefully.

6. Enter it in your mouth but not bite. Explore it . Sure you’ll find nuances that you had never noticed.

7. I chew it carefully, do not engullas fast. Savor the moment.

When you’ve eaten, think about how you came to that food. Who picked it up ?, it occurred near where you live or had to make a long journey to your table ?, where did you buy it ?, how he came to your house ?.

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The key is to “realize” what you eat also has been surrounded by life and in the background is also life.

I am sure that through the “art of mindful eating” or mindful eating , you will discover a new and healthy relationship with food. Actually, it is the engine of your life.

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