Meditation: Learn to live without complaints

Meditation: Learn to live without complaints 3

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There are two groups of people: those who seek their own happiness and sitting to wait. And there are two ways of taking life: with gratitude or regret.
We can do things that make us happy while we are thankful for everything we have (or what is on the way), or we can wait for our life to change from one day to another without doing anything while we are sorry for all that no we have. Which option do you prefer? Obvious, right?
Precisely why today I want to propose a challenge with multiple benefits: 21 days without complaints.

The culture of regret

There is a saying: “If you can not change the world, change your attitude.” Many people complain every day for all that they have instead of thanking all you do have.

“I’m cold. It is very hot. I hate Mondays. I have a headache. The meat is raw. That car is very expensive. It lacks salt. The street is very dirty. I do not like others to be delayed. Everything goes wrong “… If we had all the time we complain we would not believe we were able to devote much of our attention to so many negative things.

We are used to continually lamenting, and until we have a totally positive attitude we can not be happier and feel fulfilled in every aspect of our lives. Meditation, work, travel, relaxation … Everything is much more enjoyable if we take a positive attitude.

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The challenge 21 days

Where to begin? The answer is much simpler than it seems: consists of being 21 days without emitting any whimper, gossip or regret. This is the time, according to experts, an action happens to become habit.
The idea was born in July 2006, when the American pastor Will Bowen proposed to his community “the challenge of 21 days without complaint” with the intent to help eliminate any trace of complaints or regrets in each of the attendees. For this he distributed a purple bracelet and encouraged them to start as soon as possible. If one day complained, they had changed hands bracelet and start counting again. So until 21 days without transmitting any regret.
In the first part of the exercise, they had only words spoken aloud. Those that thought but did not say they were valid. Those who managed to say it is not easy, but after three weeks, including the mind stops issuing complaints.
The results were surprising, and most people managed to overcome this challenge. Yes, not as soon as imagined: many took them a five – month learning to live without focusing on the negatives of life.
Since then, the proposal has spread worldwide, and many who every day choose to accept the challenge. No matter if the bracelet is purple, green or yellow. Or if instead use a ring, a watch or a stone in his pocket. The question is with enthusiasm and excitement face this challenge, as all who have exceeded what helps take the reins of our life and changed forever.

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Accept the challenge

There is no reason not to join the exchange. When one departs from his mind the negative side of life, more room for good humor, the most favorable relationships, self – esteem and happiness appears.
In the US alone six million people have managed to change their beliefs and make this challenge a healthy habit. Many people joined the challenge to show that not too complained, but they realized that the best they did an average of 20 times per day. Yes, it is essential not to blame whenever something we regret. Do not give strength to the complaint, just simply learn to realize and start again.

Gives way to gratitude

All we got when we complain, criticize or judge is to issue negative energy. If we complain, we attract more of the same. But if we speak of gratitude we connect to high – energy fields.
The result is simple: if you drop the complaint and you are filled with gratitude, your life will change and you will see everything with more optimism. Show yourself grateful: for your health, work, to see the sea every morning, being surrounded by people who you want, to be able to dedicate yourself to what you’ve always dreamed … If you open your heart, you always have things to be thankful. And when one is grateful, not only feel better but live a happier life.
What do you think of the proposal? Do you dare to meet the challenge? Whether you sums to him or not, feel free to share with us your experience.

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